Friday, January 6, 2017

Trump edges on to the White House, a critical interlude period for the Wise Virgin

And the winner, by a landslide, was Donald Trump!
It was a re-play of the Brexit drama again, at perhaps even higher stakes, as local folks took their fate in their own hands and ignoring all the calculated manipulations of mainstream press and their puppeteers, voted national sovereignty over global governance.
Much bile has been split on who exactly were responsible for exposing the dirty linens of Hillary Clinton, which supposedly turned the table squarely against her in the US Presidential election.  Amazingly, not much is being said about the realities that those e-mails, pizzagate, spirit-cooking, etc imply – if actually true.  But no one has even suggested that the emails and the facts were untrue!  The only complaints were that they were leaked.
On our blogspot, at, we feature the article by Jack Brewer who took time to explain why several influential African-Americans like himself DID NOT vote Hillary Clinton.  These cogent facts, clearly expressed, stand in stark contrast to the frenzy hypes in a place like Nigeria  - obviously well under the sway of the Obama campaign machinery. 
A Trump presidency clearly promises a significant sigh of relief for Judaeo-Christian values and interests, not only in America, but all over the world.  We might then see this totally unexpected development as an interlude brought about by the Almighty God to mete judgement and recompenses on agents of the New World Order, who hitherto had prided themselves as being in charge (Psa. 2, Rom 12:19 Isaiah 34:8).
We however see Trump’s presidency as only an interregnum for the Almighty to prove He is totally in control, as the morally-bankrupt, perverse, anti-semite forces of the antichrist would still be allowed to have their day on the planet, before they are finally cleared off, first with the millennial reign of Christ, and thereafter the end of time itself.
Even a Trump’s inauguration is still not an absolute certainty, even at this late stage. The globalist forces of the George Soros of this world, fronted by Obama, Hillary, and co, have desperately tried everything in the book to stop Donald Trump since November 8.  These include trying to foment civil unrest and disobedience, instigating a recount of votes at perceived critical States, and lately, trying to sway the votes at the formal Electoral College.  All these efforts have failed woefully, but it is clear the options are not yet exhausted!  Nothing can be ruled out – from assassination to impeachment.  The bottom-line however,  is that it is the Divine Agenda that will eventually play out here; and those crazy enough to confront the Almighty will end up a final spectacle to the world, as Pharaoh was, confirming the supremacy of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  And thereafter, the final curtains.
 If Trump eventually gets installed, and is divinely established and helped to successfully undo the many Obama’s Executive Orders and policies (such as those bothering on  transgenderism, homosexuality, abortion etc) and his last-minute anti-Israel tantrums at the UN, a  period of relative peace, quietness, and godliness might as well return to the planet; as each nation looks inward to solve the problems of their people, cooperating with other like-minded nations, rather than mindlessly embrace (like zombies) the dictates of some faceless bureaucrats who dish out instructions and policies as received directly from the likes of Djwahl Khul – non-human demonic entities, who these globalists unabashedly cite as mentors, and inspirations. (see CA! Vol 5 No 4)
This period of relative relief might however end very sharply. It is destined to be a period of “while men say peace, then sudden destruction,” ushering in the Rapture, Anti-christ, Armageddon, the Millenium, etc in quick succession. The globalists, at this remarkable period, are only thrown back to lick their wound, while strategizing for a furious no-prisoners-taken all-out come-back. 
However, no one would be able to say how long such a period might last – weeks, years, or decades.  But it is clear that without Christ on the throne, the currently triumphing “right-wingers” also would soon only swing out of balance into their extremes.  (Satan can just as easily use right-wingers as left-wingers). After all, at the root of the extreme docility in the face of globalists’ terrorism being witnessed in places like Germany in recent times has been the fear of a resurgence of Hitler-kind of right-wing nationalism!
For individual Christians, the currently unfolding period would then represent the time each virgin should ensure that extra-oil is procured (Mathew 25).  As we move in for the final harvest while the LORD executes judgement and recompenses, we must, as individuals, go for the extra oil!  The extra oil in this context would include those investments which could be ordinarily considered “unnecessary” in an endtimes scenario: enlarging educational, spiritual, and financial capacities; going to Bible college/School of Missions/Prayer school; learning a new language, new skills, drawing up radically-new schedules to help accomplish real desired priorities, etc.  “Extra-oil” will also include drawing up realistic long-term (e.g. 25-, 50-years) goals, and definitely dropping unhelpful relationships while cultivating new godly ones.
The Scriptures make it clear, that it was while everyone, including ALL 10 virgins, were dozing-off, that the Groom came. And it was what remained in the reservoir that made the difference between the virgins that eventually went in and those who got stranded “outside.”

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