Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Osun Gubernatorial Election is the place to checkmate raging Fulanization drive

Church Arise! has traditionally encouraged Christians to be actively involved in the political process in the country, by participating in every legitimate shade and hue of partisanship  - rather than forming a “Christian party” for example, as often advocated (out of sheer frustration) by other well-meaning Christians.  Ordinarily, such diverse and active participation should be sufficient to ensure that the Church is not short-changed, whichever party is in power, and it makes it unnecessary for us to endorse one party or the other in a general election.  The notable exceptions to this general position had been the elections of General Mohammadu Buhari in 2019 which we stridently warned against for reasons which are now clearly manifest for everyone to see (heightened insecurity and extreme nepotism); and earlier in 2014, that of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola whose first term as governor of the land of the virtuous people, had been marked by rabid Islamism combined with state-sponsored idolatry.

However, never before is an election so crucial to the survival of the country as an entity, and even more so the preservation of the Church, than the Osun gubernatorial election scheduled for Saturday 16th July, 2022.

It represents the first and possibly the last opportunity for the Church to resoundingly respond to the Muslim-Muslim ticket recently announced by presidential aspirant Ashiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT).  Not only is such a ticket a direct affront and utter disregard to the clear and categorical counsel of the Church (through both the CAN and PFN), it is the worst Muslim-Muslim ticket imaginable.  As pointed out by several outraged commentators in the public space, not only is the chosen candidate strongly implicated in the support, nurturing, and protection of Islamic insurgency over the years, he is the official voice against restructuring of Nigeria.  In one particular outburst, he decried the call for restructuring of Nigeria as “madness”.

It should be clear to all that such a choice by Mr Tinubu was an imposition on him by the invisible sinister “kingmakers”, and it is instructive that he considers it a must-tread route to attain the office he desperately seeks to occupy despite the obvious backlashes such a choice was guaranteed to produce.

As we have affirmed over the years, the primary requirement to ensure Nigeria fulfils her God-ordained glorious destiny is that the current evil-imposed constitution must be discarded.  The Fulani agenda seek not only to sustain the constitution, but to work it out to its logical evil conclusion of subordinating other ethnic nationalities to the Fulani, using Islam as a cover. This subjugation had been accomplished over the decades in the northern region of Nigeria, all the way down to the Yoruba city of Ilorin using subterfuges and brute force.  The constitution was crafted and imposed in 1999 to proceed with the evil agenda in a somewhat more civilly manner.

Evidences stare us starkly in the face of the renewed desperate vigour to conclude this business at the present time.  For instance, it is no longer news that there are, right now, thousands of sleeper terrorist cells lurking in southern cities and forests, waiting to unleash similar carnage as is ongoing in northern and middle-belt regions.  The dastardly massacre of dozens of worshippers at St Francis Church Owo on Pentecost day, June 5, established that reality beyond any doubt.  As authoritatively revealed by Dr Obadiah Mailafia of blessed memory, the Fulani main plan is to start a civil war in Nigeria this year.  Failing that, the Plan B would be the handing over of the reins of government to the Fulani mujahedeen via a staged military coup, as happened in Afghanistan.  Dress rehearsal for this was the sacking of the medium-security Correctional Facility right in the Federal Capital Territory, in an operation that lasted hours, with no response coming from the all-moslem controlled security forces.

Elections therefore amount only to Plan C in the Fulanization scheme.  And their main use is to distract the Church from the glaring impending doom, numbed into inertia with the wishful hope that somehow, something might still spring out for the better; thus allowing the evil Schemers the direly-needed time to put in place critical elements of their dastardly plans. Of course the Church must prepare hard to meet the Fulani at the polls, even as She plans to checkmate their evil Plans A and B.

The election this Saturday in Osun state is NOT about the incumbent, who under ordinary circumstances deserves some fair consideration. (Hopefully, there would be plenty of opportunities for him to further contribute in the soon-to-emerge glorious Nigeria.)   But it is undisputable fact that he came into office solely on the strength of BAT; and he is patently helpless to work against the core interests of his benevolent godfather and Uncle. The election in Osun state, more than anywhere else, is every whit all about BAT; and this might be not only the place to show him the implication of his daring insult and assault on the Church, but even more importantly, the right place to frontally confront and stop the fulanization drive.

That would be history repeating itself, as the dreamt march of the Fulani to the atlantic was checkmated at this same Osogbo in 1840.  

Just as a toad could stay and be boiled to death in a jar of water being steadily heated to produce gradual stepwise increase in the temperature, the success of the Fulanization agenda requires that Nigerians remain passive, gradually adjusting to the increasing temperature in the polity -  until it becomes too late to jump out.  The time and place to fight for the emergence of the new restructured Nigeria promised by God; to fight for the deliverance of our children and generations yet unborn from certain bondage and relegation to third-class citizenship; and even more importantly, to defend the Christian faith from suffering the fate of Turkey  (in the late nineteeth century) and more lately, Lebanon ( in the 1970s), is to vote the APC out of office this Saturday at Osogbo.

This would produce a clear signal to all, and would compel many sleepers (on both sides of the divide) to spring to action precipitately, ahead of what had been schemed.  As the Lord Jesus told Judas Iscariot, “that which you do, do it quickly”.  Forced to launch prematurely before vital components are firmly in place, the Fulanization agenda could thus proceed to the perdition appointed for it by the Lord of Hosts.

To execute the written judgement against this satanic move, the honour is given to the saints of God in Osun State.  Let us all troop out massively on Saturday 16th July 2022 and disrupt the Fulani agenda with our votes cast against the APC.


Church Arise!

Ile-Ife, 13th July, 2022

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