Thursday, July 14, 2022


 1. In the past 7 years, a Fulani cabal has acquired unprecedented and incredible power in Nigeria. With elections due in less than a year, they are desperate to cling to this power by every means possible.

2. The endless kidnappings for humongous ransoms, the carnage at St Francis, Owo, and the audacious Kuje Jail break, are recent demonstrations of the desperation and capacity of this group of Fulani in this respect.

3. Under this ambience, it is child play for the Fulani to steer the 2023 elections to their desired outcomes, and with the legitimacy conferred by these, proceed to implement even more drastic changes in structure of the polity to literally consign other nationalities to the status of slaves.

4. In all these, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) has proven to be a formidable Outsider and has stubbornly frustrated the planned emergence of 2 Fulani moslems as the presidential candidates Nigerians can choose from.

5. To weaken and emasculate BAT, the smarting but smiling Fulani are isolating him from his natural allies who could have adopted him to champion the battle to wrestle power off the Fulani. They have successfully pressured him to blatantly disregard the clearly expressed concerns by the Church that he balance his presidential ticket with any capable Christian of his choice.  His eventual Moslem choice further turned out to be one with well-known sympathy for Islamic insurgents, as well as vehement opposition to any restructuring of the nation towards true federalism.

6. Amazingly, apparently blinded by ambition, BAT imagines he will not only win the election with this bizarre configuration (that could not fly even in 2014); he thinks he will furthermore be spared the MKO Abiola treatment and  allowed by the Fulani to form a government, where he can implement his personal ideas for the country. All these are pipe-dreams!

7. The gubernatorial election coming up in Osun this Saturday 16th July, 2022 (which in reality is all about BAT), might be able to help open his eyes!  He could be made to see that Christians can indeed mobilize to vote against him, if that is the only way to demonstrate that they are not willing to continue with the current polity of endless kidnapping and terror.  This could help him retrace his steps from blind subservience to the Fulani.

8. More importantly, the resulting situation will catastrophically disrupt whatever schemes the Fulani are banking on, to keep the masses dozing and spellbound while they go about perfecting their evil plans for us.  We don’t have to fight this battle according to their script and timelines!

9. The Church in Osun State has the capacity to bring about this massive disruption of the Fulani agenda - if we would unite and VOTE OUT the APC from government in our state this Saturday. 

10. Church Arise! urges that brethren prayerfully consider the scenarios described and act accordingly.


Church Arise!  14th July, 2022

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