Monday, July 18, 2022



“…Then said his wise men and Zeresh his wife unto him, If Mordecai be

of the seed of the Jews, before whom thou hast begun to fall, thou shalt

not prevail against him, but shalt surely fall before him.” Esther 6:13b


The desperate political subterfuges, deep spiritual enchantments, and downpour of naira-rain (a.k.a.  “dibo-ki-o-se-obe”) all failed woefully to hold back the counsel of the Almighty as the Fulanization agenda in Nigeria ran into the brickwall we had predicted awaited it at the Osun Gubernatorial election of Saturday 16th July.


Church Arise! heartily felicitates with the good people of Osun State and the Governor-Elect, Senator Ademola Adeleke for this landmark good success.  We pray that the State will go forward as a trail-blazing model to lead others into the new Nigeria we have all been praying for all these years.  We also congratulate the outgoing governor, Mr Isiaka Oyetola for the freedom now to be his own man, relieved of the hatchet-man job he would have been required to play in the fulanization script towards 2023. Such as were required of the Lagos governor during the EndSARS protest, or what is currently going on in Imo state. 


Our biggest congratulations of course go to the indefatigable praying and hopeful Church.  We can take this landmark victory as a token that the relentless prayer-chains by the Saints across Church denominations, both within Nigeria and in the diaspora, have come to the attention of the Almighty God.  Yes, we can be encouraged and assured that the appointed time to show mercy on Nigeria and favour her has indeed come.


Going forward, after the order of Haman before Mordechai, we see the Fulani agenda irretrievably unravelling and the purveyors committing one fatal error after the other as they try to grapple with the unimaginable that had befallen them. While their evil counsel proceeds to the appointed perdition, Haman and sons go to the gallows and the people of God secure rule over all those who had decided to hate them without any cause! (Esther 9).


Of course, it is not time for the Church to seek repose.  Disingenuously, some folks are trying to cast the “Christian-Christian” ticket popularly endorsed by the good people of Osun in the same mould as the Moslem-Moslem (actually Moslem-Boko Haram) ticket that the Church is staunchly resisting at the Federal level.  The short response to this childish joke is contained in the statement by former SGF, Babachir Lawal:

“Now tell me which Christian will vote for APC with the following contraption: Muslim presidential candidate (Lagos), Muslim Vice Presidential candidate (Borno), Muslim National Chairman (Nasarawa), Muslim Deputy National Chairman (Borno), Muslim President (Katsina); Muslim Senate President (Yobe); Muslim Speaker (Lagos); Muslim Deputy Speaker (Plateau) e.t.c.


We may add that the Muslim Speaker from Lagos actually had to convert (back) to Islam, before he could be put forward for the office!  At the present time, the largely lame-duck office of Vice President, is the only one left in the APC basket with a Christian occupier; and the Islamists apparently cannot stomach even that token. As the Kabba helicopter crash showed, were it not for divine intervention, beloved PYO was supposed by now to have gone the way of Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State!


Perhaps we should simply just ignore these comedians who think Nigerians can’t see beyond their noses to confuse the situation in Osun State with what the APC is doing at the national level.


Meanwhile while we all await the appropriate signals and pronouncements from the CAN and PFN, it is clear that the only practical option left for the Church in the march towards the 2023 presidential election is via the Obidient movement.   We accordingly recommend the movement for the embrace of the Church as we heed the Lord’s command that we occupy till He comes. 


Hopefully,  very soon.


Church Arise!

Ile-Ife; 18th July, 2023

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