Thursday, August 7, 2014


As the countdown begins to our local gubernatorial election at Osun State, Church Arise! wishes to underscore just why we consider ourselves duty-bound to mobilize the Church against the incumbent.  The one and only one reason is that Mr Aregbesola, who perceives himself as Oranmiyan re-incarnate, passionately considers himself as being on a mission to return the land to the dead gods of Yorubaland.

In a nutshell, Mr Aregbesola UNILATERALLY decides one night that our name is now Osun’s State and no more Osun State; and that our identity flag will be seven cowries arranged around the Ori Olokun and other cultic symbolisms.  In exchange for these fundamental kingdom issues, Mr Aregbesola offers a network of roads and promise of flamboyant school buildings as our mess of pottage.

Of course, there are serious issues with roads built at unreasonably inflated costs and sourced from high taxation  - of which not less than 10% is repatriated to Lagos as fees for the so-called Tax Consultants  (even the road diggers are from Lagos!).  There are also serious issues with demolishing schools built by Christian missions and rebuilding them with money sourced from the Islamic bond, Sukkuk, which demands that assets procured must be Shariah-compliant.  Indeed there are issues with virtually every legacy projects being claimed by Mr Aregbesola – school uniforms, opon imo, O-Yes, etc, because as we pointed out earlier, a tree rooted in evil can simply not bring out any real good for the people.  But frankly speaking, we could leave all these to the politicians to trash out.

What the Church cannot afford leave to politics is the evident missionary zeal and commitment of Mr Aregbesola to use state  machinery, authority, and funds to coerce the land and people back into idolatory.  The combined assault of revived idolatory and Islamic militancy (evident by Aregbesola’s concessions on Hijrah day, Hijab, etc) can be likened to the sharp crooked stick that needs to be avoided from long range to avoid being blinded (Prov. 22:3).  The stories of Christians being crucified and massacred in hundreds emerging from the Middle East in the last few hours, not to talk of ongoing atrocities by Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria and the FCT are enough wake-up call for the complacent Church in SW Nigeria to arise and take necessary action while there is still time.

While the Church remains on this planet, we are called to oppose and resist the full blown manifestation of evil and iniquities (2 Thess. 2:6-7).  The antichrist will still have his opportunity some day, but not while we are yet around!

Mr Aregbesola needs to be told that the Church is aware of his moves, and that we are serious about doing something about it.  The only legitimate action at this auspicious time, apart from prayers of course, is to mobilize ourselves and protect our vital interests with our votes. 

Kindly forward this to every ELIGIBLE VOTER you know in Osun State, and post on other media as you consider appropriate.

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Unknown said...

I think as Christians to be involve in political campaign is misplacement priority. if Aregbe is bringing back the dead gods as you claimed in your article, then it is not our duties as Christians to be criticizing him on political bases. we can resist him in spiritual realm through our prayers. but is a pity that we Christians are now political hallelujah congregation rather than focus on heavenly goals.