Monday, January 31, 2022


As well captured by one article that has recently gone viral on social media, “the dominoes are already falling.” That is referring to the tsunami that occurred in the COVID world with the capitulation of UK’s Boris Johnson on the COVID vaccine mandate and accessory protocols. 
As we pointed out in this column last week, the event at the UK is one event that could not be shoved under the carpet by the mainstream media. Even though they ultimately tried to douse the impact by suggestions of various socio-political contributing factors, nobody can miss the point that the bottomline for UK’s widely applauded decision was scientific: COVID vaccines simply don’t work. In a clear manifestation of Pathogenic Priming and Antibody Dependent Enhancement, vaccinated people are catching COVID and ending up in the ICUs in record proportion (in the neighbourhood of 90%!) compared with unvaccinated people! This is exactly our warning, way back in 2020 based on the impassioned scientific opinions of top medical icons including Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier. 
Anyways, while the mainstream media could ignore this very same declaration emanating in previous weeks from places like Croatia, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Ireland; with the UK now saying the same thing, there is no hiding place anymore! 
But as been derogatorily spoken of us, the best way to hide information for Africans is to publish it in a book! For instance, when the GMO enterprise began to very publicly collapse in Europe and the USA, the globalists turned to Africa, (or should we just say Nigeria) to seek a new hub and market. With our over 200 million population and a highly irresponsible political class so susceptible to manipulations by external bodies, Nigeria is the Eldorado for the globalists to market their evil policies and products. 
Europe has been boiling for weeks on end, as multitudes troop into the streets to protest any semblance of COVID vaccine mandate. The pressure in the United States has been mostly in the courts, with the mandate suffering one spectacular loss after the other. Most recently, the Supreme Court in that country shot down the requirement by President Joe Biden that private businesses employing 100 workers or more demand vaccination certificate or weekly test results from their workers in other to keep their jobs 
The turn of event in “quiet Canada” was even more intriguing. Despite freezing snowy conditions, multitudes took to the streets, activated by a protest initiated by Truckers. Authorities were sufficiently flustered about the direction the protests were going that Prime Minister Trudeau and his family have to be evacuated to an unspecified safe house out of concern for their personal safety! 
 How ironical then, that it is while all these are happening, that the globalists’ stooges in Africa would somberly insist we brace up and swallow the poison we are been served by “Boss”. In Rwanda, people are being pulled out of their houses as early as, put in handcuff and forced to receive the COVID jab “for their own good”! With the social media inundated with incredible reports bothering on brute savagery, even the official German media house DW could not but report some of the scary stories. While trying to do so in damage control mode, (with carefully worded phrases inserted to question the credibility of the original stories), the DW nevertheless reported appalling stories including that of a group of about 100 pentecostal Christians from rural Rwanda who initially refused the jab, asking the military personnel who had rounded them up for the exercise to rather shoot them. After a week of failed “sensitization” at a transit centre, the officials brought in the police. The DW reported the words of these hapless fellows: "When they realized we were not ready to change our mind, they brought in many police officers, and we were handcuffed…The police officers held us to the ground, and we were vaccinated." 
Despite all this ongoing atrocity, the COVID inoculation is NOT yet mandated in Rwanda; and government officials could tongue-in-cheek adduce the reports to the actions of a few “overzealous government officials!”. So far, the most draconian COVID regulation in Rwanda requires ALL who wish to exit that country to be vaccinated. No matter who you are, Rwandan or of some other national, and irrespective of whether your destination or country of origin requires a COVID jab, you must get one before you can be ALLOWED to leave Rwanda. Absolutely incredible! Interestingly, probably as a comic relief, the COVID jab is NOT required to come inside Rwanda! 
 In that respect, Ghana is a step ahead of Rwanda. As from December 14 2021 no one above age 18, foreigner or even Ghanaian, may enter Ghana without having a certificate of FULL COVID vaccination. However in all fairness to Ghanaian authorities, we should add that no one needed be turned away either, as the Ghanaian Port Health Authority is willing to magnanimously administer the jab absolutely free of charge to those who would change their mind, and simply roll up their sleeves for the experimental vaccine! 
All this unfortunate development is nothing short of modern-day re-enactment of slavery, when Africans went to the hinterland and hurled their kinsmen to the coasts, into the waiting ships of the whiteman. All in exchange for looking glasses, gun powder and gin. Very sad! 
With all the politics in the air, Nigeria, the ultimate destination of the globalists, is necessarily proceeding with caution. The latest outrage from the NPHCDA is nothing more than the announcement that COVID vaccination would now be integrated into Childhood Vaccination programme. The idea, according to Dr Shuaib Faisal, the Executive Director of the Authority, is that the relatively trusted childhood vaccines would now be administered at the same Centres with COVID experimental vaccines. The idea of course is to conflate the two products such that one can now ride on the back of the other. And if some “overzealous” agent should encourage day-old babies to get the COVID jab at the same time as their parents, government could shrug and respond the same way as the Rwandans. “Accidents” are inevitable, anyway.
The LivingScience Foundation is proud to be part of an Alliance, The Nigerian Covid Response Alliance ( which has recently come up with a comprehensive Position Paper to educate Nigerians on these absolutely critical matters trying to engulf us and destroy our coming glorious destiny as a Nation. The well-referenced Paper shows clearly, that from the viewpoint of Science and Logics, Ethics and Law, or Governance and Socio-Economics considerations, there is absolutely no justification for mandating the experimental COVID vaccines in Nigeria. We strongly recommend you kindly check up that Position Paper
 Look forward to being able to share more cheerful news next week. 
Joshua Ojo

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