Tuesday, February 8, 2022


A new video mosaic of interviews by a highly regarded Israeli Professor of history, came to my attention last week. I consider it fascinating in the sense that Prof Yuval Harari could simply present as hard realities on the ground, (and that right on mainstream media including BBC and CNN), the same ideas that have been labelled loony “conspiracy theories” when others warned about them in the past.


For instance, proclaiming that Man is now “a hackable animal,” Harari announced that the “whole idea that humans have this… soul, or spirit and that have freewill; and nobody knows what’s happening inside me….. And so, whatever I choose whether in the election or whether in the supermarket, this is my freewill…, that’s over!” iceagefarmerresources, Sept 2021


Over?  Really?


In another interview featured in the clip, Harari emphasized that “today we have the technology to hack human beings on a massive scale.”  


The story became very interesting when he links all of these with the coronavirus vaccination.  The pandemic itself might be relatively of minor consequence, he asserts, but the fact that “a good crisis was not allowed to go waste,” and people were coerced to accept policies they otherwise would not have accepted, thus opening up the possibility of mass surveillance via vaccination, would rate in his opinion, as one of the most important development in the century!  In fact, acccording to Harari,  "People could look back in 100 years and identify the coronavirus epidemic as the moment when a new regime of surveillance took over."


It should be chilling to hear that with the unprecedented vaccination of over 4.21billion (54%) of the people on earth, with COVID vaccines, the days of ”freewill choices are effectively over!”


What really drew our attention is the rather triumphant tone of Mr Harari’s declarations. The impression strongly conveyed with this kind of announcements, is that the deed is now done, and irreversibly accomplished. Might that then explain the relaxing of the vaccine mandate in countries that have already achieved high vaccination rates?  As a matter of fact, the primary reason always cited in the mainstream press, for the dumping of the vaccine mandates in places like Croatia,  Denmark, Norway, Japan, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Ireland and the UK,  is that most people have already taken the vaccine already.  The scientific reality that the experimental vaccine is not doing what it was promised to deliver was then made to appear of secondary consideration.


The clear suggestion from the pronouncement of people like Harari, is that sufficient number of people are already enrolled in those countries and it does not matter much whether the others were vaccinated or not.  Hence the mandate could be allowed to drop.


Meanwhile, it is clear that there is no “herd immunity” to be achieved.  This couldn’t be clearer than what we have in Gibraltar where literally every person has been “fully vaccinated”, and yet, there is no herd immunity in the horizon!  As a matter of fact, with fully vaccinated, regularly masked patients still being routinely requested to go do COVID tests  (as I witnessed only yesterday at a University Teaching Hospital), it is clear that our doctors have come to terms with the fact that  there is no sterilizing immunity associated with the COVID jab at all, even in individuals.  Not to talk of “herd immunity” that would apply to a community.


Perhaps, the idea of “herd” the vaccine pushers had in mind all along is that of a group of highly domesticated animals (e.g.sheep), being conditioned to respond predictably to every grunt and gesticulation of the herdsman!


As discussed in this column last week, the disconcertment for us is that it is in the very midst of all these incredible open revelations: that the experimental vaccine has no health value to the vaccinated (but rather posed significant health risks); that it is the very means of propagating a technology of mass surveillance and control; and that many countries are now thrashing the mandate – perhaps belatedly, that our government is still insisting that is the only way to go!  Why in the past week, government gratefully received 2 million doses of Johnson and Johnson experimental vaccines donated by the EU, assured that it would be able to convince Nigerians to come get them!


In the meantime, Mr Faisal Shuaib, the executive director of the Nigerian Primary Health Care Development Agency further continued with his sweet lines of “no single death associated with the vaccine so far in Nigeria”.  It is incredible that this brazenness could continue, for instance when virtually every national media outlet reported the vaccine-caused death of Mike Ajibike, a banker from Delta State way back in September 2021.  By now, there is probably no reader of this article that does not know of someone who recently died suddenly despite sound health, or who developed medical conditions associated with blood clots somewhere in their bodies, without anybody bothering/daring to ask if there could be any correlation with their COVID vaccination status. Although this data is routinely collected and reported in virtually every developed nation (see here for details), all we get in Nigeria from the weekly briefing of Dr Shuaib is such assurance of 100% clean bill for the vaccine.  Without any strand of supportive evidence!


In their triumphant declaration that the deed is already done, whatever happens next, the Yuval Hararis of this world are apparently confident that Nigeria and other African countries will continue to embrace the experimental vaccine, remaining blind and deaf to all these developments unfolding all over the world; (as long as they don’t feature on the BBC or CNN, they are simply not happening!)  or, perhaps with the majority population in most of the developed world already fully jabbed, social tsunamis could be easily created over there and Africa would have no choice than to fall in line and comply! 


In all these permutations, they forget the God-factor.  The Almighty God, maker of the heavens and earth happens to have His own ideas and Plan.  Many of us are convinced that Africa has a significant role to play in that Plan, especially as we enter the close of world history, which evidently is before us.  The days and weeks ahead will certainly reveal whose words and counsels will stand: the globalists’ or the Lord’s. 


Our counsel to our readers and partners is that we all decide to unwaveringly stand on the Lord’s side, and be available to be His mouth, hands, and feet to accomplish His supreme counsel as might be required of us.


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