Monday, January 10, 2022



By now, our strong warnings on the COVID jab becoming mandatory which sounded far-fetched when we started in 2020  are now adequately vindicated.  At that time, few even knew what “mandatory” vaccination meant, naively equating it with the well-known visa requirements usually demanded by some countries.  Now most people know much better.  In Ghana, even citizens are now being required to be vaccinated in order to be allowed entry back into their fatherland after a foreign trip, while even more ridiculous, non-citizens would not be allowed to EXIT Ghana unless they were vaccinated for COVID!  On January 12, the Washington State Board of Health, in the United States, would be considering whether existing laws could be applied to COVID to forcefully vaccinate people in their homes or haul them off into quarantine facilities (a.k.a. Concentration Camps), away from the rest of society for as long as would be required! (see .


All this of course is a global conspiracy, and things are rapidly building up in Nigeria following the same pathways in these other climes.  At the present time, the rights to hold a job, participate in the NYSC scheme, or even register for JAMB are being so ridiculously tied to people receiving an experimental vaccine that is now known to neither stop people getting infected with COVID nor their transmitting it.  If anything , the abounding data indicate these are worse in people who have received this jab!


In closing, may we humbly appeal to those who have taken the jab (either voluntarily or under coercion) to not think they have no further role to play in the matter.  On the contrary, theirs could be a powerful voice in clarifying the great gulf between the two concepts of “vaccination” and “mandatory vaccination”.  The issues involved go way beyond public health.  Wars have been fought and millions of lives sacrificed by nations to defend ideals such as democracy, rule of law, and Faith.  At the end of the day, these are the issues at stake in this rapidly unfolding saga.  We must shine our eyes and learn from what’s happening elsewhere – US, Australia, Europe and Ghana here on the continent.


Frankly speaking, it is extremely hard to explain the dogged determination to push this vaccine globally on all human beings, without thinking of some deep hidden agenda. Data available in public records, show that precisely-defined COVID Patents had been filed several months before the COVID pandemic ever broke out, or the virus involved identified!  Resisting a patently unwarranted mass deployment of the vaccines will not only help limit the public health concerns involved, it would prevent various extensive abuses possible in any potential attempt to weaponize the vaccine at some latter time.


For the love of our country, and for the love of our children, all hands, vaxxed or unvaxxed,  must be on deck to resist these moves!


See you next week, by God’s grace.


Joshua Ojo

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