Monday, January 17, 2022



While we at the LivingScience Foundation are passionate to point out the dangers that might be lurking in the experimental vaccines Nigerians are being hounded to receive into their veins, we recognize that adverse health effects are ordinarily statistical in nature and would depend to a large extent on the physiological constitution and health status of the individual. Indeed it is conceivable that a particular vaccinated individual who would subsequently take appropriate responsibility for his health might not necessarily be worse-off than his vaccine-free counterpart who remains careless about other important health and lifestyle choices.  One major factor here is the need to maintain a positive outlook and eschew that major drainer of natural immunity – fear! 


Our subsisting recommendation that members of the LSF family avoid the COVID experimental vaccine like the plague is however based on issues far beyond public health; and we expect that even those who have received the vaccine (voluntarily or under coercion) should join the fight to reject its unconstitutional and unwarranted Mandate. Wars have been fought and millions of lives sacrificed to defend ideals such as democracy, rule of law, and Faith.


While we have stridently tried to avoid anything that even remotely smells like “conspiracy theory” in our discourses, it has always been evident that some deep hidden agenda are at work here. The dogged determination to push the vaccine globally on all human beings irrespective of age, health and other relevant physiological status, or even verified presence of antibodies generated through natural infection confirm this very poignantly. The matter is however now conclusively proven with the latest revelation, from PUBLICLY AVAILABLE OFFICIAL RECORDS, that precisely defined Patents for biometric test of COVID-19 (specifically so-named) had been filed at least five years BEFORE the COVID pandemic ever broke out, or the virus involved identified! 


Please let the implication of this sink!  This is has pushed to a new level of severity, previous revelations by David E. Martin that the SARS Cov-2 virus itself was PATENTED over two decades ago.  Reporting David’s stunning expos√© in this column in July last year, we wrote, “the exact genetic sequence affirmed by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV)  as uniquely identifying the virus responsible for COVID-19 already existed in nearly 120 patent records, as far back as 1999”.  Now it is being revealed that even the name COVID-19 which apparently “spontaneously evolved” from what should have been the official name “Wuhan virus” (considering names such as Ebola virus, Lassa fever, etc) through SARS Cov2, and eventually COVID-19 had been determined as far back as 2014!  And so also was a biometric test to confirm the yet-to-happen-disease which “incidentally” would become a global pandemic necessitating an unprecedented global mandate for every human being, a vaccine apparently developed at warp speed using a totally brand new, and unproven technology!


So, from publicly available OFFICIAL RECORDS, we see that the virus, the method for its detection, as well the method for its treatment and control were all patented, using the exact word COVID-19, long before the pandemic ever broke out in Wuhan in December 2019.


Our call for people to resist the patently unwarranted mass deployment of such products therefore goes beyond public health issues.  Not only would such health issues be addressed as a matter of course, our stitch-in-time action now could help curtail efforts to weaponize the “vaccine” for other ends at some latter time.


Indeed, it is these other extra-public health agenda that require massive 100% vaccination of the entire population for their success.  It is an open secret that the pet agenda of globalists at the present time is the idea of “internet-of-things”.  As well demonstrated in the deployment of mobile phones, innumerous number of nodes (even if passive) are required to enhance flawless communication. Considering that the vaccine could be considered  as self-assemblying Operating and Communication Systems,  availability of an enormous number of nodes is an absolute necessity for deployment in internet-of-things applications. It is also quite possible that the various “boosters” being recommended (even where the need for the regular jabs had not been established - for example here in Nigeria!) contain different components of these Operating and Communication Systems being installed in sequence!  These possibilities portend grievous danger to society, threatening us and generations yet unborn with perpetual servitude.  By insisting that only those who wish to receive a jab need do so, the wind can be automatically taken out of the sail of these conspiracies, whether real or imagined


See you next week, by God’s grace.

Joshua Ojo

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