Monday, January 24, 2022


It indeed borders on the realm of the metaphysical, the brazen push that everybody just must get a COVID vaccine if they wished to continue taking part in society.  Why, it is now established beyond any iota of doubts that the vaccine does not prevent people from getting infected; or when infected from transmitting the disease to others. In other words, the vaccination status of an individual, at the very least, does not make any difference to the course of COVID in society. (Indeed, the vaccinated most probably are the reason for the unending mutations in what is known as “immune escape” as the virus tries to beat the vaccine). That the globalist elites continue to push for mandatory vaccination even while all these are now well established is a clear indication that some undeclared considerations are at play here, and that they are banking on some other-worldly influence to keep people from challenging the outrage.


Well, if it indeed were some spiritual or metaphysical influence that is emboldening the emplacement on society such patently unsupportable demands, it seems such influences are reaching their expiry dates; and the atmosphere is fast clearing, yielding a gush of fresh air!


Many countries and territories have been quietly or not so quietly jettisoning the mandate over the weeks. From the Provinces of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in India, to the state of Florida in the US. And whole nations like Japan, Croatia,  and Denmark.  From Norway to Netherlands, and most recently Czech Republic and Ireland, the vaccine mandate is being unceremoniously thrown away like the bad rubbish that it is.


But the one that caught the attention of most of the world, and certainly Nigerians, is the abrupt turnabout by UK’s Boris Johnson declaring the mandate for COVID vaccine over in the country!  And to boot, also the compulsory use of masks in public places, social distancing, work-from-home, and similar “COVID protocols,” many of which we have shown in this column to be simply irrational and unscientific.


Apparently, the political hierarchy in government in the UK never believed that a disease to which most people have over 99.9% recovery rate, was ever a serious problem. But they coasted along to please the globalists. As we pointed out previously, Hilary Clinton, a major face of the globalist elites, was audacious enough to publicly chastise Mr Johnson for being reticent in threatening vaccine refuseniks with loss of jobs, livelihood, and other basic human rights. As it were, goaded by an opposition totally sold out to the globalists’ agenda, an effeminate Boris Johnson had pandered to their every whim and directive, contradicting himself over and over, in many instances.


And then, the Intervention from above!  It turned out that while enforcing the lockdowns that got people to cancel their weddings, kept away from the burial of loved ones, severely disrupted the educational sector as well as other aspects of society and economy, Boris and his pallies in government had been partying relentlessly.  While the rest of the citizenry were somberly admonished on the need to stay away from others, government officials were meeting in several scores, encouraged to come with their own “booze”!  One party held even a day to the solemn burial of Prince Phillips.  The matter is now out in the public realm in what has now become known as the “partygate” and it might as well mark the end of Mr Johnson’s tenure in office!


This was the exact replica of what happened at the 60th birthday bash of Barack Obama last August!  Or with the CNN main anchor Chris Cuomo who lambasted whoever dared to challenge the rationale for the half-baked lockdowns; with himself actively flouting it at Easter!  The list goes on and on. 


And all this COVID-related manifestation is just the tip of the iceberg.  For long, globalists have used the same tactics and instruments to force upon the world an official policy that the earth and all its denizens evolved from nothing, and therefore are accountable to no one but themselves!  With that came a load of garbage including LGBT-engineered “new sexuality”, GMOs as food, and so on and so forth.


As for Boris Johnson, the least he could do to avoid an immediate sack from office was rescind the draconian COVID rules in his country! 


Hopefully by now, Nigerians previously confused about these issues can now better grasp the entire fa├žade of falsehood used to transmute a fairly mild infection to a “noisome pestilence”.  It is important that all freedom-appreciating Nigerians rise together to condemn the arrogant and stubborn moves by the Faisal Shuaib–led NPHCDA. We should jointly ride on the prevailing breeze of the Holy Spirit to once-for-all put an end to the COVID-19 shenanigans.  Especially now that Lagos, the so-called epicenter of COVID in Nigeria has conceded that the “fourth wave” previously announced with fanfare (right on schedule as previously “predicted!”)  is over.


If the whole point of a COVID jab is to protect the recipient from some nebulous “severe form of sickness and hospitalization” due to COVID, shouldn’t we take a cue from Boris Johnson and trust the wisdom of Nigerians to decide for themselves whether they prefer the risk of COVID-19 infection to the many documented risks associated with the vaccine itself?


See you next week by God’s grace.


Joshua Ojo

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