Friday, July 30, 2021

More Abracadabra: Patent for COVID-19 TREATMENT AND CONTROL filed Before the Outbreak of COVID-19


You need to watch this video ( It is an explosive presentation made by David E. Martin at the German Corona Inquiry Committee on July 9th  Martin is the CEO of M-CAM a major global player in risk assessment of “intangible assets” As part of their monitoring work, they have identified and thoroughly studied the over 4,000 patents issued around SARS coronavirus, beginning from the  late 1990s.  Sorting through the trail, they found that the exact genetic sequence affirmed by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV)  as uniquely identifying the virus responsible for COVID-19 already existed in nearly 120 patent records, as far back as 1999.  Sobering Fact, nothing novel in the “Novel Coronavirus”!

In a series of mind-boggling revelations, Dr Martin showed that exactly three days after the US CDC filed a patent for COVID-19,  a company which later became part of Pfizer, filed another patent for the “treatment and control” of exactly this same coronavirus.  All of these before Wuhan in December 2019!  Other gruesome revelations included the fact that the US DARPA seriously considered this same SARS COV-2 virus for use as a malleable bioweapon in 2005, and the CDC itself considered it as a promising vector for delivering HIV vaccine nearly 20 years ago!  If you want the facts in print, rather than video, then you need to download the 205-page Dossier:

With all these FACTS now in the verifiable public domain, no literate person (who decides to block ears and mind from these realities)  would have any valid excuse to continue to play the fatal role scripted for them by unscrupulous global new age adherents.

While it is not clear where exactly we are headed, it becoming increasingly clear that the whole idea is to usher in the concept of the so-called mRNA “vaccines.”  These are computer-generated sequences of nucleic acids that turn the human body into a factory for producing viral particles which the body then responds to with the production of antibodies.  Apart from the hot contention on whether or not this product actually qualifies to be called a “vaccine” (it is not designed to prevent infection in the vaccinated – only a nebulous concept of preventing ”serious disease and hospitalization”); it is now clear that it needed the still largely mysterious compound, Graphene Oxide (GO) nanoparticles to facilitate its uptake in the human cells (see .  Meanwhile scores of scientific papers from pioneer workers on GO seriously warn it is not to be used in humans.  The long and short is that mRNA vaccines are now on their way.  And Africa is the prime target as the next mRNA vaccines are touted to be those against Malaria! (see for instance

Again, we wonder, why will any literate person pretend not to see all these easily verifiable hard facts? No matter the carrot they are offering you or the stick they are wielding, you have God to answer to!  Enough said.

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