Thursday, December 16, 2021

Glory to God Almighty, the Siege is Over!

There could be no doubt that some titanic spiritual conflicts occurred in Africa over the past one week.  The saga kicked off with the clearly unreasonable and unscientific knee-jerk response of the western world to the announcement of the omicron variant, leading to what UN chief Guterres called “travel apartheid”.  The hyprocrisy was so glaring that erstwhile loyal and dedicated docile disciples of the globalists in Africa began to scream out their protests.  This is a good sign that some spell is waning, and good-hearted Africans are now not only doing their own reasoning and risk assessments, they are finding their voices to announce their position to the world. At long last our people have stopped uncritical swallowing line, hook, and sinker whatever garbage is pushed on them by supposedly infallible benevolent experts from the West. 


It is in that context that we foresaw Anthony Fauci’s planned trip to Nigeria as possibly an attempt to “remediate” the situation.  But if that trip at all happened, it wasn’t given much publicity!  It would appear to us that the matter has simply gotten out of hand.


Rather than the PSC Summit becoming the high event in the week December 5 – 12, it was two Christian events that dominated the air-waves both physically and spiritually.  Shillo, convened by the Living Faith Church brought together hundreds of thousands to Canaanland, Ota in Ogun State between 7th and 12th, while the 24th edition of the Holy Ghost Congress convened by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (6th -11th) drew a couple millions of worshippers to the two auditoria of the Church at the Redemption Camp, in the same Ogun State.  The Holy Ghost Congress was prophetically themed “The Siege is Over”!


Without any doubt, the major devastating power of COVID is associated with Lockdowns, a modern terminology for Siege!  As people stayed indoors away from sunlight, and isolated from one another, their immune system plummets dramatically.  The resulting increased medical casualties, hyped by a gullible press, throws up fear and mass hysteria thus enabling a disease to which people have over 99.5% natural recovery to become the premier pestilence terrorizing the entire planet for two solid years! (see our previous article here).


So what are the evidences that the Siege is indeed over?  The twin-torment of COVID after all is the petrifying fear generated across Society, together with the discrimination and hostility engendered between the vaccinated and the vaccine-free.  At the Holy Ghost Congress millions of Nigerians freely interacted with one another, without any fear of some disease.  Similarly, nobody questioned the vax status of their neighbor, and apart from the Altar area among Pastors, the decision to be masked or unmasked was left to the individual!  These are the clear physical indications that COVID has lost its power in our society. And the event was beamed live to million others across several nations of the world!


We can boldly trust the LORD that with the massive shift that has already occurred in the spiritual realm, other evidences would soon start streaming in. om the physical.  For instance, we expect people to begin to find their voices to challenge all the unjustifiable orders being recklessly spurted out by the Executive arm of government (as if the Legislature and the Judiciary are totally non-existent)!


It is interesting to note that it would have been extremely difficult, if not outright impossible, stopping the Holy Ghost Congress based on any of the existing COVID-19 protocols. With one of the auditoria at the Redemption Camp measuring 3 km by 3 km, it could host up to 9 million people maintaining the required 1 metre “social distance”!  Nobody could have imagined this being an issue a few years ago when the man of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye caught the vision for such an auditorium.  Clearly the Almighty God is always several steps ahead of the Enemy.  Glory to His holy name!


See you next week, God willing.

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