Friday, May 27, 2011

Post Election Violence turned anti-Church

Although the top Moslem contender in the last Nigerian Presidential election won the majority of the Northern votes and lost woefully in the South (half of where he never even bothered to campaign), he still felt the results should have been otherwise. However, the supposed spontaneous “protests” against the election results soon turned into an organized militarized campaign against the Church in the North. Eye-witness accounts told Church Arise! of a systematic sacking of churches and cold blooded murdering of Christian families around the Zaria metropolis; but the mother of all sacking was probably that in Kafanchan.
A formal report by the catholic non-govermental organization, the Justice and Development Commission has provided a detailed eye-witness account of the horrific killings in Kafanchan, beginning around 10.00pm Monday 18th April, following an unusual call to prayer (Kiran sallah) at the mosque, and lasting several hours till the next day, without anyone daring to intervene on account of the intensity of the attack and the sophistication of the guns involved. At least THREE HUNDERED people were given mass burial, not counting those given individual burials by their families.
The report and analyses, raising a number of fundamental questions, can be found on the website of the Catholic News Service of Nigeria.

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