Friday, May 27, 2011

End of the World – May 21 Hype!

To most of the world, there is no difference between the latest hype that the world would end on Saturday May 21, 2011 (about 6.00pm, US time) and the numerous previous ones. But people in the catchment area of the $180 million worth propaganda machinery of Mr Harold Camping were not so unaffected. Confronted daily by dozens of imposing high tech bill-boards and other messages (2,000 bill boards and regular program on 66 radio stations), many found it rather difficult ignoring Mr Camping message. It is another evidence of the deteriorating mental state of people in this technology-saturated manipulative age that several people would still take such a message seriously, with many donating all their livelihoods to help spread the message. Thankfully, other Christian ministries prepared ahead to help the deceived face the new reality come Sunday May 22!
Of course, May 22 also saw a swell in the number of people who got hardened to the message of Jesus’ imminent return – at a date when no one thinks. Oh that we would get a few “mad” folks too, who would be as mad as the Apostle Paul in preaching the Gospel! If Mr Camping and his associates could be so sold out on a lie, why do people who know the truth and claim to love the Lord find it so difficult becoming sold out for the Gospel? MARANA THA!

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