Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Key Agenda for the President

Nigerians’ basic requests to Mr President is a short list: Energy, Education and Jobs.

Church Arise! agrees with these basics, but feels there is by far ONE most urgent fundamental issue the President must settle, so he can truly settle down to effective governance. It has to do with a solemn promise the president had to repeat several times in the past few months: the promise to allow the law take its course with respect to those who killed other Nigerians with impunity in the recent past.

From sponsors of the Jos killings, the Independent Bomb Blasts, the post PDP primary election bomb blasts, the pre-national elections bomb blasts (Suleija, Maiduguri, Kaduna), to finally, the post-election massacres. It’s only if and when, by God’s grace, the deadly snakes behind these events, now stunned, are finally beheaded that David can truly celebrate over Goliath. President Jonathan, please strike the blow by putting patriotic, firm and bold people in the right offices, with clear mandates. We saw this approach work in the case of INEC. By God’s grace, it will work again.

Goodluck, just do it! The LORD is with you!

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