Friday, May 27, 2011

Mind control moves to Gadgetry

As sign of immense steady progress in the science and technology of mind control, spin-offs from highly classified military and medical research are now being openly traded in the entertainment industry.
A new video game was exhibited at this year’s annual Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Describing the new game, (Jan 9) reports, “Gamers set aside their joysticks … All they needed instead? The power of thought.”
The technology of Thought Controlled Computing as it is called, is already finding its way into several products. Other products demonstrated at the CES by the Canadian digital innovations company, InteraXon, included the thought-controlled 3D glasses which can detect the mood of the wearer and automatically offer a series of appropriate movie or televised content – from the almost infinite choices available round the clock. Hmm..hedonism just moved to the next level!
All these are however still “days of small beginnings”, apparently. Speaking to FoxNews, a company spokesperson said: “This is just the beginning of an enormous industry to understand brain activity, to use it, and to have intelligent responses to brain-activating activities…Ultimately, we’ll have an intelligent response simulation that can modulate to what you are thinking… (It) is going to be a multi-billion dollar industry.”
Another expert concurs: “In the short term, we’re going to see these kinds of systems integrated in home devices like cell phones and televisions. But in the long term, it’s going to be the way we control the world on a regular basis.”
All these are evidently exciting and fascinating. However, we have always pointed out, there are a number of problems that may not be easily waved aside. One of these is the reversibility allowed by the technology such that not only can outputs from the mind be read, but inputs could by the process also be supplied into the mind. In simpler terms, thoughts can be put into your mind. Unfortunately, there are too many people and organizations interested in such application not to actually put it into practice if provided the opportunity. All these of course are, sometimes unwittingly, being goaded along that line by the disciples of the coming antichrist – the New Age movement. Except for those intimately involved with organizations such as the United States DARPA, now one knows how really advanced the mind control technology has gone – but the level of sophistication in the mere spin-offs allowed into the entertainment industry do tell a tale! As these New Agers will say, talking about their expected messiah of mankind: if we prepare the way, he will come (see
If only genuine Christians will take the preparation of the way of the Lord Jesus Christ with similar zeal!

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