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New Agers pummel Islam: Jews, Christians next in line

Given a level playing field, who wins – religious restraints or human lusts?
The stage is again being set for yet another determination of this recurring theme. The venue for what might as well be the Grande Finale global demonstration of the issue, is the Islamic Empire spanning North Africa and the Arabian peninsula. With dictatorship on its way out in many of those countries, the previously repressed masses are at the moment euphoric over their new-found power. A common animosity towards Israel is further helping to stoke the fire.
But all these won’t last. The race is already on to fill the vacuum in power structure left by the vacating dictators. For now it looks like a one-sided competition with the pan-Arab MuslimBrotherhood joining forces with other local Islamic groups to make sweeping gains and push for Islamic fundamentalism. This is already happening in a place like Egypt where Coptic Christians are feeling the intense heat (see But also at play here is one little-acknowledged entirely new factor – the very ‘spirit’ behind liberalism and democracy! All the turbulence in the Arabian kingdoms, with the macabre Sunni/Shiite-based selective intervention of the UN/NATO, cannot be fully explained without considering the roles of the spirits and people pushing the New World Order (NWO) agenda.
The politically-savvy Moslem Brotherhood is indeed set to take over Arabia – either through democracy or otherwise. However, one important change is now in place: the playing field is less tilted and “Islamic fundamentalism and piety” will have to compete fair with ”human lusts” to determine who rules the land. Now with the death of Bin Laden (and consequent destabilization of Al Qaeda – with those hard disks in US custody!); together with the defiant spirit introduced by the pro-democracy riots and consequent opportunity for massive strategic infiltration by ground forces of the NWO, etc, one major implication is that fundamentalist Islam will discover that it has lost its traditional coercive powers over people in that region. Famously known as ”the Koran or the sword” doctrine, it has provided invaluable backbone for Islam since inception. The issue, in short, is this: Can Islam survive in an educated, democratic setting devoid of any religious coercion? The Bible is emphatic that no religion at all can (see Rom 7.22-24, Jhn 14:6, etc!!)!
Expect a soaring of incidences of raw vices – homosexuality, open prostitution, family breakdowns, drugs, school-shootings, abortion, porn-TV, state-sponsored mind control, life-style related chronic diseases and conditions, microchip implants, etc in those lands as non-coercive Islam is proven to be no match for human lusts and depravity. Why, even in Osama’s haven in Abbottabad, pornography was part of the staple diet! Such a new Dar al-Islam will be mince-meat for the Antichrist when he is eventually revealed. This is akin to the phase the United States entered two years ago when the ultra liberal team headed by Obama got on the driver’s seat. The Islamists and liberal Christians (Rick Warrens, etc) no doubt think they are winning. But they are contending against phantom foes. The real battle is with the decay and lusts in society – actively being promoted by N ew Agers! Soon all the world, united by common and overwhelming problems, will wait with bated breath for the appearance of the man who seemingly has the answers. That man, who would offer to bring to the world “life more abundantly” without the “restrictive” holiness requirements of the Bible (Psa. 2:3), is none else but the Antichrist soon to be revealed.
Let’s examine the situation in a little more details. Islam, as it really is, is caving in to a new un-koranic Islam (not necessarily a bad development!). It may not be politically correct to push this point, but the real Islam is more like that practiced by the Osamas and the Ahmadinejads. It is the Islam of beheadings of apostates, “honor killings” of close relatives, summary divorcing of women as pleased the man, scriptural fallacies – such as confusion of Miriam, Moses sister with Mary, Jesus mother etc (see Jacob Prash, part 2), etc. If truth is to be told, the face of true Islam is the Taliban, Al Qaeda, the Egyptian Salafists, the Somalian Al shabaab, the Borno Boko Haram, etc! The world, through the New Age movement, is up in arms against this genuine form of Islam.
While every reasonable person might as well applaud this development within Islam, we should take a little time to understand where things are ultimately headed for. The Scriptures are clear that the political leader who will be the antichrist will actually be preceded and introduced by a religious leader – the False Prophet (see Rev 13:11-12ff). As we have explained in several past editions, the False Prophet will head a New global religion, which necessarily must be pantheistic – “no one superior personal God: all roads lead to the same heaven doctrine”. The only serious opposition to this development are the monotheists who insist there is indeed one, and only one, ‘true’ God - theirs ! These so-called Abraham-sourced faiths are Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.
We have cited in past editions (eg vol 14 no 1) both the Bible and New Age writings to establish the point that the way the New World Religion will attempt to crush the monotheist religions and install itself is more like the ‘sifting of the wheat’ approach (cf Luk 22:31), rather than direct confrontation . In other words, the religions are to be infiltrated, deprived of their essence, and left only with carcasses of themselves! (See also 2 Tim 3:5). We see this method demonstrated by the Babylonians of old who exchanged the top hierarchy of a conquered nation, either with docile, compromised crop of leaders (e.g.2 Kings 25:18-22) or outright strangers who will introduce the populace to new, previously repugnant ideas 2 Kings 17:24ff). The best in each vanquished land is further brought to the Babylonian capital to be assimilated into their global inter-faith outlooks (eg. Dan 1:3-4; 3:13-14). It is not for nothing that new agers and homosexuals are fighting tooth and nail to be allowed to contest for leadership positions in campus-based Christian fellowships in the US (see Vol 13 No 4). Indeed, the whole goal of the “Hate Crime” laws which forbids Churches to “discriminate” against people on basis of their “sexual orientation and lifestyle” is simply to infiltrate the Church with people who live in open defiance of Scriptures!
The key point of this article should be clear by now: The treatment meted out to Islam awaits the other two monotheisms. Of course, this has been on-going at various intensities for several decades, but we say watch out, the end games are here! With Islam dealt with, more efforts, resource, and justifications, will soon be available to mete identical treatments to Judaism/the State of Israel and evangelical Christianity. As Rick Warren once said, “ fundamentalism, of all varieties, will be 'one of the big enemies of the 21st century.' (see In other words, people not willing to compromise their basics and integrate with others are the problem.
It is quite evident that unprecedented pressure is mounting on Israel, home of the Jews from ancient times. While Palestinians hopes to provoke clashes with Israeli;s Defence Force during the March 15 Day of Rage didn’t amount to anything, the threat of actualizing a similar mass demonstration in Israel as in the Arab lands is still real. For instance, another Gaza-bound flotilla, more determined and better organized than the previous one stopped by the IDF on May 31, last year, is in the works.( . It will be near impossible to accurately predict specific course developments will take in the next few weeks. However, the more serious challenge for Israel might as well be the deadly antagonism and rivalry between secularism and Judaism in Israel (see vol 11 no 5, based on Success of external attacks are usually facilitated by prior internal decays.
A possible scenario is the UN going ahead to recognize a Palestinian State with capital in Jerusalem as the Arabs are planning for this September. Then, as in Cote D’ivoire, Libya etc (perhaps mere test cases), the UN may decide to “enforce the protection of civilians” in the newly recognized state. It seems likely the Russians will not mind spearheading such a “humanitarian” force, and the EU are guaranteed to offer supports. The United States under Obama will certainly find reasons to stay “neutral”!
However, dear friend, don’t bank on the final smashing of Israel/Judaism or Christianity as being the next global event on the end-time schedule. Even as the assault to sift the true Church intensifies, we have the assurance of the Word of God that the gates of hell shall not prevail against her. As a matter of fact, the ever-living Head of the church has another plan in mind – incorporating, among other events, the evacuation of the Church in what is popular referred to as the Rapture.
According to Rev 12:13-14, after the Man-Child is suddenly raptured to heaven, the attacking Dragon, now cast down, will divert its wrath to the woman who had brought forth the Child. However, the Lord has a plan for her too as a place in the wilderness has been reserved for her nourishment and preservation throughout the 3 ½ years rampage of the antichrist – starting midway into the final 7 year covenant (see Daniel 9:27). Thereafter, God’s plan to secure “fundamentalist Jews”(not the same as the esoteric new age Talmudic Judaism) will unfold (Rev 12, Zech.14, Psa. 2, 83, etc).
The next event then, with no dates announced, will be the Rapture. And the good news is that you can still book a space on that glorious flight by turning to Jesus, today ( Rom 11:25). This is not fantasy. It is real and well within your reach today. Act NOW - Pray, make a phone call, find a Bible-believing Church….. Do something!

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