Friday, July 30, 2010


Worthy News has reported (May 21, 2010) that Muslim extremists destroyed several churches and a pastor's house in the latest religious violence to hit Nigeria's northern Kano state. One of the buildings and the pastors house were set ablaze on the premises of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) at Kwasam, in the Kiru Local Government area, while another building under construction was demolished, the church said. Over 100 Moslem youths were involved in the attacks, demanding that their area must be free from Church buildings!
The ECWA Church had earlier been dragged before the Sharia Court for this “great crime” of putting up Church building in a Moslem city; but the church argued that the land on which the Church stood was their inheritance, and that its members are indigenous to the area. Nevertheless, according to Christian Soldarity Worldwide CSW which has closely monitored the case, the Sharia court ruled in favor of the Moslem complainants.
The rampaging youths then were the demolition squad effecting the orders of the religious court!
Earlier the Baptist Church in the area of Banaka, Takai LGA, was also destroyed on May 15, - the fourth time the Church would be demolished. "After the previous demolition, a group of Christians from Kastina State paid for the construction of a new building, and also drilled a well for church members to use. However, during the demolition, the well was blocked off completely," CSW said in a statement.
Meanwhile, while Moslems would not allow indigenous Christians to construct Churches in their own family properties, is it not incredible that they would sponsor transiting public officers to attempt to erect mosques in public institutions in parts of the same “northern Nigeria” where they (Moslems) are struggling to put the Christian majority under political subjugation? Read the next story please. [see,]

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