Friday, July 30, 2010


The situations described above are by no means peculiar to Nigeria. Indeed Nigeria’s situation is really only a portion of a global development. The Jihadists’ quest to intimidate and dominate native majority in their own lands (while no Church is allowed in the Jihadists’ own domain - such as Saudi Arabia or Kano) is finally backfiring.
From New York, to even France, local indigenous populations are recognizing that many Moslems do not see Islam as just a religion to practice, but a tool for political domination and subjugation of others. To this end, mosques are not just simple functional buildings meeting local religious needs, but grand, statement-making edifices, often far beyond the resources of the local Moslems – but funded from the same Arabia where no Churches are allowed. The situation is well-captured by a line in a poem by Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (before he became the PM): "the minarets our bayonets".
Consider the case in New York. After Moslems, funded from the Middle East, razed down two grand edifices (the World Trade Center twin towers) in the infamous 9-11 events, with thousands of people killed, the same Moslems are bent on erecting grand Islamic centers on the rubbles of these same towers!
The Jihadists might have pushed their agenda a little too hard, and the previously docile American citizenry is up in arms. As at Press time, New Yorkers have risen against three separate plans to build Muslim worship centers in their city. The Washington Times quotes Joan Moriello, a community activist involved in one of the protests: "This is about radical Islam wanting to colonize the world. They pretend to be tolerant, they pretend to be loving but they aren't. It's just starting to come bubbling up to the surface." For more, see
Exactly similar protests, in direct response to local aggravations (just like at Wukari in Taraba state), are on-going virtually all over Europe, ranging from Warsaw ( ), to Britain ( ) to France ( ), to Poland ( ). Even, perhaps the most “tolerant” people in the world, the Swiss, in a national referendum, voted to ban mosques from incorporating their ubiquitous minarets.(
Recall in Numan (Adamawa State, Nigeria), issues about the appropriateness of a high minaret overlooking the compound of the local king’s palace eventually led to the deposition of that respected and beloved Christian Monarch, Feddy Soditi Bongo, in 2005. (see CA! Vol 8 No 2). Also in Vol 8 No 4, we mentioned the plans of the Prince of Wale to build a majestic mega mosque in the predominantly Christian community of Cornwall, which government’s data showed had exactly 33 Moslems out of the over 22,000 total population! (

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