Friday, July 30, 2010

Moroccan jailed 15years for Christian Faith

The International Christian Concern,ICC, has reported that a Moroccan Christian named Jamaa Ait Bakrim is currently serving a 15 year term, simply on account of his faith. Jamaa became a Christian in the 1990's while travelling through Europe. When he returned to Morocco he was ostracized and later imprisoned for refusing to stop talking about his faith. In 2005 Brother Jamaa was jailed for 15 years for “proselytization”, as according to the judge, “the fact that Jamaa denies accusations of proselytization is inconsistent with the confession during which he proclaimed he was a son of Christ and he wanted Moroccans to become Christians…”
Jamaa is currently serving out this sentence, and is located in Prison Centrale of Kenitra, Morocco. In order to advocate for Jamaa and other Christian prisoners, ICC is launching a prisoner focus page at: Please visit this site and remember to pray for God’s blessing on ICC’s efforts.

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