Monday, March 22, 2010

Body Bombers Coming: Expect more invasive searches at the Airports!

In the meantime, investigators have uncovered details of plans by terrorists to implant bombs INSIDE their bodies. The planned “surgical bombs) are said be in response to the new airport scanners being installed which see beneath your clothing. Experts have examined the details and they concur that it is quite feasible that explosive materials could be implanted in buttocks, appendix or even breasts just like the current practice of enhancing the female figure. All of these, of course is to justify the new invasive devices and others which will inevitably be brought up, which will in effect bring the entire world population more under government control. Apart from actual hijacking and bombing, even news such as these, or the reported “hijacking dry run” and subsequent cover-ups as seen in this report here ( all have the same effect as real hijackings and bombings in scarring people into accepting yet more humiliating invasive procedures that bring them under government’s control and manipulation. All as spadeworks for the coming anti-christ!

As has been pointed out by several serious commentators, the safest airline in the world is also the most threatened airline – the Israeli airline! Yet it does not result to all these several humiliating intrusions. All that is needed is a short interview which will in most cases expose a potential terrorist more effectively than any machine can. But political correctness is however cited by New World Order advocates, who in any case are more interested in introducing and testing out their new technology for effective control of the world in the years ahead. The simple option practiced in Israel is liable to be attacked by Jihadists (who still insists on wearing full veils around even at airports) as “Islamic profiling”!

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