Monday, March 22, 2010


Many christians in Nigeria might not be very familiar with the Institute for Creation Research (ICR); but that is one organization most feared and dreaded in hell. It is an organization that has literally rescued not only thousands of top scientists, but Science itself, from the clutches of the devil. Today, it is the flagship of the highly strategic Creation Science ministry.

ICR was established in 1970 as a division of the Christian Heritage College by Dr Henry Morris and Tim La Haye, but the foundation of the Creation Science movement itself could be traced to the book, “The Genesis Flood” published by Morris and Whitcomb in 1961. This classic proffered sound scientific, historic, and scriptural reasons why the Flood of Noah mentioned in the Bible (and repeated in hundreds of cultures all around the globe) is indeed a global catastrophic event. The book also spelt out clearly the far-reaching scientific implications of such a tectonic event – spanning interpretation of the fossil records, the age of the earth itself (thousands of years, rather than billions) and several other incontrovertible facts which all spell disaster for the theory of evolution. Now the theory of evolution – though without any scientific basis has become the official position of the scientific world in explaining the origin of the universe. The ICR not only involves itself with cutting edge research about origin issues (using tested, highly-respected scientists) but also goes to great length to disseminate the findings and implications starting from among children books and cartoons to high-impact scientific meetings. Visit to learn more about this wonderful gift of God to our world for this generation and avail yourself of the many blessings you are sure to receive therefrom. Happy Anniversary, ICR!