Monday, March 22, 2010

In whose hands is the Destiny of your country?

Christians who do not know the purpose of their salvation are actually just mediocre people. Their thinking reflects their life. These people’s influence on their surrounding reality equals to zero. This is not the intention of God because He knows that the destiny of the earth and people depend on His children. We do not have any excuse whatsoever before God if our nation and people are suffering as a result of our complacency.

We have to understand that we are the children of God who are called to overcome the world and set the people in the world free from slavery and bondage, be it spiritual, social, economic, cultural or political.

Until we realize that we are the children of the Almighty God and start acting like His representatives on the earth, nothing will change in our country. The destiny of your land is in the hands of the church and her willingness to declare the position of God in the society.

Neither the president nor the parliament can change the life of any country and make it better: Only people who know their God can do it. Therefore the time has come to change the position of the church, and hence, the position of every Christian.It is time for Christians to come to an active civil position, it is time to act, knock on doors, and see results. The time has come for God to be manifested to people through our good deeds, so that they see and start following God.

As citizens of a nation, members of the church need to start social organizations, charities, or other non -governmental organizations which will begin social movements. The purpose of these organizations should be geared towards radical changes in the difficult social situations of the people. Representatives of the church should help guide people in resolving their crisis. Many people, who are united by these organizations, will be able to declare freely their civil positions, going against social viruses and evil in society. People who represent social organizations in a society are a force in that country. The creation of such organizations will give God room to move in the land without the government clamping down on the church.

The world is dying waiting for us. The Promise Land is waiting, expecting our actions. Nobody can help deliver the people of the world besides us. Their lives depend on whether or not we will be obedient to God’s charge to us to be an active church.

Pastor Sunday Adelaja
Culled from chapter 2 of his book, Spearheading a National Transformation. The Untold story of the Orange revolution in Ukraine.

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