Monday, March 22, 2010

US School remotely activate web cameras on students laptops to spy on them at home

Last edition, we reported on spywares on phones which turn phone into monitoring device across thousands of km, joking that it was time people became careful of phone gifts from jealous lover and peeky bosses. Well that position is playing out at a suburban Philadelphia school district where school officials are by remote means, activating the webcam on laptops the district had given to each of its 2,300 high school students as gifts.

In demanding an explanation for how school officers could confidently accuse his son on improper behavior while at home, Assistant principal at Harriton High school Lindy Matsko owned up to Michael Robbins that the school indeed had the ability to activate the webcams on the laptops remotely.

"This isn't just them spying on the kids, this is them intruding on the parents' home. Who knows what they are seeing?" an observer notes. Another noted: "School ends at the end of the school property, so they shouldn't really be in our business at home."

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