Monday, December 6, 2021

COVID JABS: And the Mandate takes off


Here we are on the other side of December 1!  And the Federal Government of Nigeria indeed did roll out the vaccine mandate for all her employees as threatened!  As we imagined and expected, the implementation was more like that of an obedient servant playing to the gallery to please a cane-in-hand master.


Most of the enforcement of the mandate happened at the Federal Secretariat at Abuja; and even there several other entrances were left unmanned by the certificate-Checkers, while the news cameras stayed riveted at the main gates  documenting to the world that government had indeed complied with what clearly appears to be  instructions “from above”. (Feel free to read that as “from abroad”). Presumably the terms of some deals somewhere have now been fulfilled!


While this might cursorily appear to be a small storm-in-the-tea-cup step, it is indeed a giant precedent-setting leap that can now be leveraged to further abrogate citizens freedom and rights with greater impunity.  First, there were the panicking thousands currently thronging the jabbing centres to receive a shot of clearly EXPERIMENTAL products whose contents, potency, or even safety remain hazy; and for which every authority had washed their hands off whatever adverse health effects attend!  But beyond this, the “successful” implication of the illegal “100% Executives, 0% Legislature” mandate without any qualms from our usual fire-brand freedom fighters now opens the door for selective enforcement. Individual civil servants deemed to be the arrowhead of “vaccine hesitancy” can now expect “special treatments” without any sympathetic outcry coming from any quarter!


Yes, while one or two little-known freedom advocacy groups are threatening litigations (that is if the courts will be allowed to sit!), the labour unions, incredibly, are only begging for a month or two delay in the implementation of the mandate - to make it less stressful for all to comply across rank and file!  Government can hardly wish for more effective cooperation anywhere! 


Beyond all these, indications are already emerging where next government will be directed to strike.  Obviously this would be in the private sector, and specifically, Okada riders and other operators of public transportation can brace up for their turn!  Imagine the scenario when the Nigerian police gets authority to demand together with Driver’s Licenses and Vehicle papers, the Covid vaccination certificates from transport entrepreneurs! 


Here are some tough foods for thought: Is government indeed unaware that the overwhelming majority of Nigerians are opposed to the COVID injection and with good reasons too?  Why is it that people who pay princely fees and patiently endure long queues to obtain real vaccines (like that for Yellow Fever or hepatitis, for instance), should now need to be brow-beaten before they would receive another “vaccine” offered absolutely free of any charge?


Isn’t it government itself that is shouting that getting a COVID jab does not guarantee non-infection and “vaccinated” people must therefore continue with the same protocols as the unvaxxed?  Or wasn’t it the health Minister himself that conceded on national TV that the country indeed signed a certificate indemnifying the marketers of the vaccine from whatever liability may arise, for whatever cause, in the course of using the product?


Is government not aware that the vaccine it is pushing here has not helped heavily-vaccinated nations (some 100% vaccinated!) like Gibraltar, Seychelles, Israel, etc, or that entities like Croatia, Singapore, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi provinces in India, and Florida State in the US are all coming out of the Covid quagmire as they exchanged their previous utter reliance on “vaccine” with other well-tested options such as the drug Ivermectin? Indeed isn’t it common knowledge that the experimental vaccines still being pushed here had been designed to combat virus variants that have likely gone totally out of circulation, thus formally rendering the “vaccine”  abjectly useless as a tool against COVID?


Definitely the government is very much aware of these, and possibly more.  Surely the government knows the forces and cabals that are twisting her arms and forcing her to announce absolutely indefensible policies.  Might it be that government itself  - like King Darius after ordering Daniel into the den of lions - is silently praying for deliverance from this situation? Might it be that government is actually wishing that the people would help it out by rising to resist a patently odious policy?  A government under foreign blackmail will never voice out any of these very plausible cries.  But we can all read its lips!


Yes, a people deserves the government representation it gets. If we keep quiet at this period, we all shall have serious explanations to make to the coming generations who will bear the full brunt of the circumstances currently unfolding.

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