Thursday, December 16, 2021


 Last Friday (3rd December) we suggested, strongly, that in her various responses to the COVID-19 debacle, the Nigerian government is being pushed around by powerful external forces, and that Government might actually be wistfully looking up to the Nigerian people to save the situation by outright mass civil disobedience if necessary!


The following Monday, an extra-ordinary two-day Summit convened by the Presidential Steering Committee (PSC) on COVID-19 kicked off.  Tagged ‘Pushing Through the Last Mile to End the Pandemic and Build Back Better’ it was supposed to bring together relevant stakeholders from diverse sectors.  One of the stated key objectives was to “identify resources and develop strategies that will actualize the country’s expressed international commitments towards ending COVID-19 by 31st December 2022.” Clearly, actualizing “international commitments” (such as timelines for getting certain fractions of the population jabbed wotj the experimental vaccines) remains a cardinal goal in our official COVID-19 response.


The star attraction advertised for the Summit was Dr Anthony Fauci, the central figure in determining COVID response not only in the US, but literally in the entire world.  However for whatever reasons, he apparently failed to turn up at the Summit. Other high-profile absentees included the two Ministers of Health, as well as the Permanent Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH). It is instructive to note that the FMoH together with the NCDC are the two prominent local Partners, out of the 15 listed Partners behind the Summit, featuring names like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Clinton Health Access Initiative, USAID, WHO, UNDP, Biosensors, and a few multinational companies.


We had earlier pointed out on many occasions that the NAFDAC has been totally emasculated and reduced to a puppet in this business of COVID-19.  Worse still, even in the few caricature official roles that is left, the NPHCDA is further sidelining the NAFDAC, for instance in the meaningless announcement of the “approval” of “Booster” doses for COVID in Nigeria.  What is coming out from the PSC Summit is that there is an even bigger turf war going on higher up, between the Federal Ministry of Health and the PSC.  Alluding to this turf war in his remarks at the Summit, the Senate President, Ahmed Lawan had referred to the PSC as an “interventionist outfit”. Clearly the external forces pushing their nauseating directives on us find it very convenient operating through such emergency “interventionist” outfits.


Without any doubt the star presentation at the Summit was the emotional-laden speech by Nigeria’s COVID-19 Czar, Prof Oyewale Tomori.  (The video clip of the speech pops out by default as one visits the Summit official website; and the clip has gone viral on social media as well.)


Going poetic, the eminent virologist lamented:  “COVID is not the enemy, Lassa fever is of minor league, Yellow fever is yellow livered, Monkeypox is child’s play, Cholera is a dehydrator, our underdevelopment and backwardness rest on four pillars.” In further poetic rhymes, accompanied by shaking, sniffling, and actual weeping, Prof Tomori identified  the four pillars behind all our problems as “Lack of patriotism”, “Self-interest”, “Corruption”, and “Shamelessness”.


Now that the problem is identified, (and certainly it is NOT COVID), what is the solution: Could it be the compulsory jabbing of every single Nigerian with an experimental “vaccine” which is known to neither prevent infection nor transmission of the COVID vector? To add salt to the injury, government plainly states that neither it, nor anyone else anywhere, will be liable for whatever adverse health effect befalls the recipient of such experimental gene-therapy product mischievously labelled “vaccine”.


 The four pillars identified by Prof Tomori are no doubt lurking at play somewhere here!

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