Sunday, November 7, 2021


Last week we asked, despite progressive waning in the clamor for mandatory vax in several parts of the world, why is Nigeria just picking up that trail, especially with no noticeable difference in the COVID-19 situation in the country?

Of course there is no question the government is being arm-twisted.  By the same globalist gang that would foist gay marriage, GMOs, and similar agenda on us. But why are they so desperate on this COVID vaccine issue, desperate to the point of doing totally away with any pretense at decency and reason!

The answer that pops out is that they are in a race against time. They desperately need to get as many people as possible to take the jab NOW, before it becomes absolutely impossible to market the toxic product any further.  For as we indicated earlier, the COVID jab is its own worst enemy; and it’s only a matter of time before majority of people began to question why they should embrace all the associated adverse effects (known and emerging) at the price of literally zero benefits!

Already, there is no question that the more a society gets vaccinated, the worse its COVID palaver.  Both in terms of infectivity and consequent hospitalization at ICUs.  From Seychelles, Gibraltar, Israel, USA, UK, Singapore…. The list is endless.  At the same time those nations who are making a U-turn away from vaccine towards early use of therapeutics like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are witnessing dramatic positive changes.  From Japan, Hungary, to big states like Florida in the US, and  Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in India,  the fact is clear and incontrovertible. As it is said, You don’t argue with success!

COVID vaccine is certainly not going to save any people, and no reasonable nation should begin to push that option, to the point of making it compulsory for all, COVID-recovered or not, frontline at-risk or not.

To date, the official story for the failure of the “vaccine” is that it is  ineffective against new variants popping up, and maybe more jabs in the form of “boosters” would provide some succor – even if that becomes a never-ending exercise every six months.  But the elephant in the room for those who have been following the subject keenly enough, is the issue of Antibody Dependent Enhancement  which is clearly severely aggravating the cases. 

So are people set to realize the utter senselessness of getting a product which is plainly advertised as guaranteeing neither protection from infection, nor transmission to other people; yet carrying significant risk of serious health impact, including death – even on the short term? Especially when, everybody involved in mandating or administering the product is quick to wash their hands off any potential liabilities!

So we thought, until we now see a new layer of deceit emerging! As the globalists are now warning us, it is time we started preparing for the next pandemic -Marburg!

It is the same story all over. The PCR technique for diagnosing COVID was patented long before the the supposedly “nouvelle” COVID19 pandemic happened at Wuhan.  As soon as COVID was announced, the PCR became the official tool for diagnosis. A year and half later, having been used to justify the lockdowns and now the vaccine, the US CDC has announced that the PCR test is actually unreliable and riddle with false positives.  It will no longer be valid as from end of this year!

Now exactly the same scenario is playing out! With Bill Gates and associates announcing that we should expect a Marburg pandemic, PCR test for mass diagnosis as well as vaccines for Marburg are  being swiftly developed!

The real complication in the story is that a major symptom for Marburg is “massive hemorrhaging”  which happens to be one of major adverse effects associated with the Covid jab.  With the third COVID jab already being mandated in places like Israel and the US (instructively, the Head of US FDA and her assistant resigned to protest Biden’s insistence on the third jab when there was absolutely no test as to its safety!); it is clear that, sadly, the world should expect an epidemic of unexplainable blood hemorrhaging!  With a PCR test around to “confirm” the presence of Marburg virus in such people, it might be possible to again exculpate COVID jabs from the development!

We pray the Almighty God open the eyes of the nations to this ongoing grand deceit.



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