Sunday, November 21, 2021

And the Proverbial Truth is now catching up with gone-ahead Lies, at last  

Austria commenced the unbelievable step of requiring unvaccinated people to stay off not only shopping centres, public transportation and other public spaces, but even the very street itself! From Monday Nov 15, law enforcement officers were seen patrolling the streets and demanding to see the COVID vaccination card of people even in their personal cars! 

In forming the NOMANDATORYVAX group last year, we had tried to explain to a befuddled Nigerian public what “mandatory vaccination” actually meant.  Many thought this can be equated with the demands by some foreign countries that certain vaccines be received as entry conditions into their territories.  As we explained however, mandatory vax means you literally become a persona non-grata in your own community.  A pariah, like a leper! 

But then in the same Austria, Mr Truth is rising himself up as from a drugged sleep!  Unions of the Police, as well as the military, have now issued statements that they consider it illegal to prevent citizens from moving peacefully on the streets; going further even to  affirm that citizens had right to assemble and protest peacefully.  Finally, they dropped the bombshell: they not only endorse the mother-of-all protests announced by civil groups as coming up at the weekend, they actually would be part of it!  Lo ba tan!

We wait to see how this eventually plays out, particularly what inspiration is transmitted to  freedom-seeking people in other nations and climes. Most of Europe is currently witnessing massive protests (see for instance  Similarly in the United States, the battle is being fought in the courtrooms.  For now the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the US has been restrained from carrying out Biden’s order that unvaxxed workers be sacked en masse.  Mr Biden had ordered that, by January 4 next year, all organizations with 100 employees or more must sack any staff who refuses to take the COVID injection.  Apart from this sweet relief following the actions of some states that went to court, the state of Florida has actually issued her own legislation, proscribing any organization from sacking any worker on account of their vaccination status!

Meanwhile, we await what December 1 will bring in Nigeria as government desperately seek to dance to the tune of her foreign puppeteers.  The latest charade along that line is the announcement that Corpers in the new Batch C set to resume on November 24 would not be allowed into the camp, nor NYSC offices except they are vaccinated!

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