Thursday, October 5, 2017

Voluntary MICROCHIP Implant Craze Spreads to the US

        As we have reported in previous editions of Church Arise!, several European cities and communities have embraced the concept of receiving some microchip implant beneath their skins in exchange for some benefits, bothering on “convenience” and being trendy. (see Vol 20 Qtr 1)
         When we began to warn of this development nearly two decades ago, many considered it extremely far-fetched that our generation would see its eventual implementation. But in that short space of time, we all witnessed the so-called “wearables” transmute to “implants” just as we predicted; and in just a few years after the mandatory implantation of several categories of people was mulled, we now see people voluntarily queuing up for the implant.
        This previously a predominantly European craze has now arrived continental conservative America, as documented in a recent special report by Al Jazeera.
        In previous articles, we have extensively shown how the implanted microchip would be the precursor to the mark of the beast of Rev 13:16-18.  Already it was demonstrated that even the commercial versions (obviously obsolete by research standards) could provide unfettered access to the mind and emotion of people so implanted.  It is clear that by the time this development spreads around the world (once accepted in Europe and America, the deed is virtually done), people could easily be transformed into zombies who are no longer personally responsible/accountable for their lives.  It is our firm opinion that such a time clearly marks the limit that the current world order could be allowed to continue by the Almighty.  When people are no longer able to think for themselves or repent of their sins, the business of evangelism is no longer applicable, and the Church might as well pack shop and return Home.
         Hence, we expect the Church to be long-gone(via the Rapture) before such a development would come to fruition.  Indeed, 2 Thess 2:7 teaches that this kind of absolute mass control of people, so desperately required by the antichrist to manifest, would continue to meet with frustration as long as the Church is around, serving as light for the world and salt for the earth.
        Meanwhile, more and more products offering more fun and “liberty” to those who would receive a microchip implant continue to flood the market.  One such new product is the encephalophone.  This newly invented musical instrument  could be played entirely by your mind, without your needing to move a muscle.  Of course you need to first have the relevant chip implanted under your skin!
         Furthermore, simultaneous to the major investments in brain-computer interface technology, featuring the implanted microchip, the US government through its Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is also committing considerable resources to the new Safe Genes program which would make gene editing technologies safer and more easily applied. US$65 million will be shared between seven teams involved in the four year research.  Reporting this development, RNS Correspondent Tom Heneghan remarked that “waiting in the wings are new technologies such as genome editing, which can modify human genes to repair, enhance or customize human beings.”  They further report that “Scientists in China are believed to have already genetically modified human embryos”.
                The day of the zombies is certainly right on the horizon. By inference the day of the Rapture also beckons.

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