Thursday, October 5, 2017

Creation Science Seminars now available at Ile-Ife

In conjunction with the LivingScience Foundation, CA! is ready for mass dissemination of irrefutable, easy-to-follow scientific evidences that show how completely bankrupt the Evolution Theory is. A line of seasoned speakers, highly qualified and credentialed scientists, are available to present in lay terms, evidences along their various fields of specialty showing that a kind-hearted and omnipotent Genius created our world by fiat, fairly recently. Currently, these fields span Physics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Atmospheric and Environmental sciences.
The old ages of billions and millions of years ascribed to planet earth and the fossils found therein are absolutely essential to give the Evolution Theory even a veneer of credibility. Prof Joshua Ojo will be presenting irrefutable original evidences obtained by scientists from the Institute for Creation Science, USA and elsewhere which make these ascribed dates totally unacceptable to the unbiased informed person.  For instance, take any coal (or even diamond) sample from anywhere in the geologic column,  not only would you find considerable amount of the radioisotope Carbon-14, (dating from the time the coal was still a living tree); literally you would find the same amount of Carbon-14 in all samples, irrespective of how old they are supposed to be, based on their placement in the geologic column.  This is not a trivial fact at all. Every experimental scientist will attest that it is practically impossible to detect an isotope with a half life of less than 6,000 years (such as Carbon-14) in a sample even a mere 100,000 years after it has started its decay.  So the assigned dates of millions of years are at best, highly questionable.
Hard evidences abound showing that the current dating methods are seriously faulty and limited in applicability.  For instance lava flow from volcanoes that were witnessed to have erupted in recent history are conventionally dated to have occurred millions of years ago! Specifically lava from New Zealand’s Mount Nguaruhoe known to have erupted in 1949, 1954, and 1975 were dated as ranging from less than 270,000 years to 3.5 million years.  It is also well known that, depending on what particular technique is used, dates differing by as much as a billion years could be obtained for the same rock, even by the same highly reputable laboratory!   In the life sciences, several “embarrassing” realities abound, such as fresh blood being found in fossils supposedly millions of years old. (e.g. see CA! Vol 8 No 4 or
So, if you could get a group of at least 10 people together in your Church, Society, or academic Department, give us a shout and we shall be happy to oblige you with real scientific data – free of any charges.  We could offer you well-prepared Videos or make live Powerpoint presentations. Creation Science Clubs are being proposed for institutions of higher learning in Nigeria.  If you are interested in these, kindly contact us also. Shalom.

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