Thursday, October 5, 2017

Eternal Security False Doctrine Continues To Prey On Vulnerable Youths

          The Eternal Security false doctrine has been around for quite a while, existing mostly as a benign error; since adherents always implicitly express dismay at the possibility of someone deliberately disobeying God’s instructions just because they knew there supposedly was no possibility of their ever missing heaven.
              A much more dangerous version of the doctrine has since emerged, which insists that even if one were to deliberately and repeatedly engage in incontrovertible sinful actions, including even apostasy, God is bound to provide a way of getting them to heaven, regardless!  As it were, all one has to do was to profess Christ, and such a fellow may thereafter revert to the kind of life they were living before such professions, without jeopardising their eternal destiny in Christ.  Of course, this flies in the face of several clear teachings of the Lord Jesus, such as the  statement that “not all who call me Lord, Lord, will enter into heaven”, (Mathew 7:21) or the admonition to “Remember Lot’s wife” (Luke 17:32) who perished as she wavered between choosing either Sodom or the promised Safety. 
            And to really seal the eternal destiny of the people they are herding to hell, the new teaching strongly encourages adherents to drop their archaic “sin consciousness” thus barring them from ever repenting of any sin they may deliberately or inadvertently commit.  As a matter of fact, the new strain of teaching strictly forbids any confession of sin, which it equates with the ultimate vice a “Christian” could ever commit - Unbelief.  Why, that not only shows the fellow did not believe his sins are already being continuously cleansed (even before they were committed), it also  exposes him as trusting more in his “work” of begging God as effective means of procuring divine favour! In salvation, “work” is absolutely excluded!
            It’s really amazing, and a sign of the high-level deceptions involved, indicating lateness of the hour, that otherwise intelligent young people could believe such lies from the pit of hell.  Latching on to some  few select scriptures with interpretations turned on its head, they conscript the rest of Scriptures to the dust bin, deemed as not applicable to “new creation realities”!  It is particularly distressing to see people laugh off the several admonitions in the Scriptures to take heed, be watchful, and resist the ever prowling powerless-but-cunning Satan. “New creation realities” are supposedly beyond temptations, such as are applicable to the Apostles (e.g. I Cor. 9:25-27), and even the Lord Jesus Christ Himself (Mat. 4:1ff)
            Well, in addressing this issue and hopefully check its egregious spread in the Body of Christ, CA! dedicated a special 8-page Report to shed light on the subject.  That major write-up released at the due time for  Vol 20 Quarter 2 edition of regular CA!  is available for download on our website and blog.  To tidy up our archives and records however, the Volume 20 Quarter 2 is now officially published with the Special Report included as an insert.  We pray the Lord bless the material to open the blind eyes and effect the release from prison the multitudes of earnest sincere believers currently languishing in satan’s jail-house.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 Jhn 4)

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