Thursday, October 5, 2017

Aggressive Transgenderism descends to new filthy low in Europe, elsewhere

      We’ve reported in the past (eg. Vol 19 qtr 1) how so-called charities are actively promoting transgenderism among school children in England.  All across Europe and America, popular politicians and other social icons are now openly declaring their homosexual activities with children; while using their money and influence to promote the practice in films and novels that continue to get rave reviews and prizes.  In Vol 8 No 5, we highlighted how Alfred Kinsey laid the academic foundation for all these demonic activities.  The Kinsey Institute still continues to operate as a respectable academic institution on sexuality issues today. As we also previously reported, the ivy-league Harvard University now recognizes three gender options in the community (see vol 9 no 5).  A recent report has revealed that “bisexuals are at least 400 percent more prevalent” in Harvard’s incoming class of freshmen than they are in the general population.
        Now this deadly Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) movement is getting very active in other parts of the world.  An article in Israel news describes increasing activities of this movement in a place like Israel where preschools are working with LGBT organizations to remove the concept of "Mom and Dad" from their curricula and sex change operations are frequently discussed even on the IDF's website . The article  explains that “creation of gender disorientation, the devotion to radical feminism, and the questioning of parental rights, are central to the "new left's" (neo-Marxists') war against Western culture.”  It further notes that “most of the population is being brainwashed, and those trying to explain truth and logic are called ‘chauvinists,’ ‘homophobes,’ or other derogatory epithets.”  The LGBT movement is also stepping up her activities in a place like Australia, where so-called experts in early childhood education are advocating that the nomenclature “Father’s Day” should be changed to “Special Person’s Day” to totally erode the concept of fatherhood.

      One of the obvious goals of transgenderism is to blur the sexual identity and thus help promote homosexuality.  Afterall one of the partners in a homosexual relationship can simply claim to have changed to the opposite gender – and the couple is then to be accepted by society as normal heterosexuals.  We actually see the Church of England being sucked into this trap as it recently voted to establish specific liturgy and services to welcome transgenders into the church.

        The transgender movement is bent on bringing utter confusion to various aspects of society, for instance as in when men who “changed” to females insist they be allowed to compete in games (eg weightlifiting) with natural women (vol 7 No 2) or that they treated by gynaecologists (Vol. 19 Qtr 4).  Furthermore, these committed “change agents” are not only living a lie, they are insisting the rest of society must join them in the chicanery.

         It’s all-too obvious that the so-called gender-change operations are mere cosmetic.  Not only is the transgendered person  never able to perform biological functions of the new gender being claimed, in many cases, they still continue to function in their natural gender.  And rather than that being a cause of embarrassment, the LGBT movement boldly hypes and celebrates it – such as when a “man” becomes pregnant (see Vol 15 No 1).  What is left in fine prints in such celebrations, is the fact that such so-called “man”  was actually a woman who had been cosmetically changed to a man.

         A European Christian group has posted a video on YouTube vivdly exposing the ugly extent of children being indoctrinated into transgenderism in Europe.  In the video, parents and schools can be seen teaching boys to wear girls' clothes, calling children "it" instead of he or she, and providing four-year-olds with kits to teach that no one is born one gender or the other. The Group seems to have given up hope that things can be turned round in Europe: the video is titled "Europe is finished. Nothing will save it." Watch the video

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