Monday, January 16, 2012

US: Planned Parenthood baits teens into homosexuality with jobs

Planned Parenthood groups in the United States are now hiring children to drive their new sexuality agenda. In a use-one-stone-to-kill-multiple-number-of- birds scheme, PP groups are not only targeting children with their corrupting messages, they are now using children to promote the messages to other children.

For instance, under the "Seriously Talking About Responsible Sex" (STARS) scheme, the PP group in New York is hiring teenagers into the paid positions of so-called “peer educators”. Part of the conditions for securing such a position is an undertaking to attend Albany’s annual homosexual “pride” parade.

Duane Motley of New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms objects very seriously to this practice. Speaking with OneNewsNow, he recalled how the PP enlisted children into making phone calls to promote New York's homosexual "marriage" bill that passed and was signed into law in June 2011. To rub in salt into the injury, the wages for these innocent teens are being settled using tax-payers’ money. Of course most people are completely unaware of the situation!

Similar programmes exist in several other Planned Parenthood groups all over the United States. In Wisconsin, the group there recently announced it was hiring seven "youth health educators" to influence teens on sexual issues.(For more details, see

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