Monday, January 16, 2012

Climategate 2: More E-mails leaked

Akin to the Wikileaks, an insider is leaking emails between prominent climate scientists, showing that these people are obsessed with selling their anthropogenic global warming position, despite clear scientific evidences to the contrary.(see for instance, vol 12 no 5, 2009). The first batch of leaks was released in 2009.
A new batch of release has now been made on November 22, just a week before the next big United Nations global-warming summit in Durban, South Africa. It is quite extensive and some sits are offering facility for individuals to search the documents for particular subjects of interest.
Significantly, the new leaks show how algorithms were systematically rigged by rogue scientists to produce skewed data. The e-mails between supposed top experts using conspiratorial language to discuss devious ways to advance “the cause”— global-warming alarmism. The e-mails also reveal discussions on how to marginalize skeptics and even illegally destroy evidence and hide data.
For comprehensive introduction to what is now being referred to as Climategate 2, please refer to Alex Newman’s article at

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