Saturday, October 1, 2011

Study links early sex, divorce

A study recently published in the Journal of Marriage and Family has revealed that women who had sex for the first time when they were teenagers are more likely to divorce than those who wait till adulthood before engaging in sex. The study by University of Iowa researcher, Anthony Paik, shows that 31 percent of women who had sex for the first time before age 18 divorced within five years and 47 percent divorced within ten. The corresponding figures for those who wait till adulthood were a significantly reduced 15 percent at five years of marriage and 27 percent at ten.

Speaking with OneNewsNow, Valerie Huber, the executive director of the National Abstinence Education Association said the study has again confirmed the well-known truth that there are more than just physical consequences involved in sexual activity. In her words, "It affects the emotional, psychological, economic, and many other areas of not only the individual life but societal health in general."

Unfortunately, advocates of the new sexuality go ahead to as much as promote what they call “infant sexuality.” (see for instance the article: A Plea to Atheists: Pedophilia is next on the Slippery Slope; Let us turn back before it's too late, Using the pseudo-science of Albert Kinsey, coupled with a generous dose of financial inducements and blackmails at high places, they have managed to keep results from genuine studies like Paik’s, (not to talk of our common sense about morality), out of reckoning as they force their new sexuality down society’s throat.

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