Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cisco Fires Christian Consultant for opposing homosexuality

A Christian consultant with the computer firm Cisco was relieved on his job, June this year, simply because of his critical opinion to homosexuality.

Mr Frank Turek tells his own story: “I was fired as a vendor by Cisco for my conservative beliefs about sex and marriage even though my beliefs were never expressed on the job. When a homosexual manager found out on the Internet that I had authored a book giving evidence that maintaining our current marriage laws would be best for society, he couldn’t tolerate me and requested I be fired. An HR executive canned me within hours without ever speaking to me. This happened despite the fact that the leadership and teambuilding programs I led always received high marks (even from the homosexual manager!).” Read the full details at

Commenting on this story, the American Family Association noted that the homosexual lobby in the US “is becoming more powerful and more brazen in their efforts to punish and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them”

The AFA speaks of employees who are being forced to attend “diversity” and “sensitivity” classes failing which they could lose their jobs. A children’s hospital in Ohio reportedly features a “gay pride” exhibit on prominent display inside the hospital!

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