Saturday, October 1, 2011

BOKO HARAM: Hands of Esau, Voice of Jacob

The existence of the Political Boko Haram wing can no longer be doubted by any informed observer. Following the desperate attack on the UN building on Aug 26, the wind has blown away the last strip of veil under which some politicians have been carrying out their open threat of making Nigeria ungovernable.

Boko Haram chieftain, Ali Tishau, virtually declared on Africa Independent Television (AIT) that his organization did not carry out the UN bombing.

Here is the flow of discussion on the interview: “Did you blow up the Police HQ?” Reply: Yes we did! This is because. … bla, bla, bla. Next Question: Did you blow up the UN building? Reply: “'I would not answer [that] question…..for some reasons!”

What else does BH have to say to confirm that a virus had taken over their system and that it was this virus that has been providing the bite for many of BH actions - and even on occasions (as in the UN bombing), had been implementing its own programme? In any case, why would BH want to bomb the UN building? A supposed stand-in for the usual spokesperson was quoted as saying “because United States (US) and the UN are supporting the Federal Government to persecute Muslims in Nigeria. ( Puerile after-thought! It was clear the whole point of the Bomb UN was to embarrass Nigeria and keep up the attention on BH, which attention was waning before the bomb blasts.

To further confirm the desperate intention of Mr Making- Nigeria-Ungovernable, to keep up the crisis, a co-founder of BH, Babakura Fugu, who hosted former President Obasanjo in a promising peace parley, was shot dead two days later - supposedly by BH! The media houses were forced to admit that at least there were now factions within BH. And predictably, would-be testifiers at the Government Panel investigating the crisis promptly began giving the Panel a wide berth. Earlier on, the governor of Kano state, that is a sitting governor in one of the key states in the country, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, following threats of a BH strike unless detained members were released, quickly “granted unconditional pardon to 20 inmates” – identity not specified. Furthermore, speaking in Hausa, governor Kwankwaso requested for other agencies of government to release detained BH members adding that, “As a government, we consider all Islamic and Christian religious sects the same”.! (Channels TV, August 30)

There is an instructive parallel between recent events within BH in Nigeria and the Talibans in Afghanistan. It has been known for long by intelligence forces that the Haqqani , nominally under Talibans were actually the hit squad of the Pakistani Secret Services ISI. But everyone preferred to ignore the facts. However with things falling apart between the US and Pakistan, following the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, under the very nose of the elite military establishment, diplomacy is giving way to rough street talk. When the US accused the ISI, as being (through the Haqqani) behind the 9-11 anniversary truck bomb that recently wounded 77 US soldiers, the Pakistani retorted that the statement was “irresponsible”. No mention of whether it is true or not.

In any case, the interesting parallel we refer to, is between the BH-labelled UN-building bombing and the Talibans-labelled killing of former Afghan President and current chief peace negotiator, Burhanuddin Rabbani. On Tuesday Sept 20, a suicide-bomber claiming to be from the Talibans had packed high explosives in his turban and under a well concocted plan of bringing a juicy peace deal, sought audience with Rabbani. As they embraced at the meeting, … kababum bum! Fireworks!

Even though the initial reports, as routine, promptly ascribed the bombing to the Talibans, realizing the real import, the Talibans soon back-pedalled. Contesting the earlier report by the Reuters news agency that said the Taliban accepted responsibility, the group issued a statement saying: "Our position on this issue is that we can't talk about it and all the media reports that claim responsibility are groundless….Right now we don't want to talk." Most people in the intelligience world point the fingers at the Haqqani, but probably due to some pact between them, the Talibans are hesitant to overtly dissociate themselves from the bombing. Yet they know as well as everybody else that killing Rabbani was far beyond their agenda.

A summary of the situation is provided in the Guardian, (UK) of September 21:
“Diplomats say it raises the possibility that Mullah Omar and other high-ranking Taliban leaders may not have approved, or even have been aware of, an operation conducted by a splinter or affiliated group linked to Pakistan's powerful military intelligence agency, the ISI, which has long-standing ties to militant groups.
“A western expert on the Taliban, who did not want to be identified, said senior figures within the movement had tried to bypass the ISI and hold direct talks with Karzai's government and the US, and Pakistan had responded with ruthless efforts to reassert control of any negotiations.
“He said spectacular attacks in Kabul in recent months were probably designed to derail any independent Taliban contacts with the government, while the killing of Rabbani could have been aimed at putting all talks on hold for several months.” For more details see

Boko Haram has no business or interest killing UN staff. But having enjoyed all along the “support” of their un-named benefactors in achieving spectacular bombings far above their normal capacity, are they now going to overtly denounce the UN bombing? We believe this is exactly the situation behind Mallam Tishau’s “I won’t answer that question” when asked directly on Raymond Dokpesi’s AIT if BH indeed bombed the UN building. And now, perhaps wary of being used endlessly, the real BH is eager to get back to the negotiating table, and like we noted in the last edition of CA!, their requests are really basic – stop the harassment, compensate those killed extra-judicially and let’s get back to living.

Indeed, when AIT pointed out to Ali Tishu that installing Sharia in all the North is now touted as one of BH requests, he retorted that rather than requesting more sharia controlled enclaves, BH is really more interested in witnessing genuine sharia within the states who claim they have already adopted sharia. He cited situations of petty thieves being amputated while bigger thieves in authority loot the state treasury and still emerge as heroes. Or the harassment of local prostitutes to be replaced by sophisticated ones imported from abroad.

Just like the situation in Afghanistan, the UN bombing and the killing of Babakura Fugu in Maiduguri clearly show that some mid-level operators in Boko Haram are under a different payroll; and their Paymaster would rather there were no negotiations rather than one where he cannot call the shots.

Meanwhile, the overall effects of all these terror incidents are the same all over the world and they are serving the same one grand purpose. They are helping to force the hand of governments in installing infrastructure and measures that would safeguard against terror – while at the same time tearing away the thick cloak of privacy citizens (and criminals) have enjoyed from time immemorial! (Please see e.g. Vol 4 No 6 for more on this Hegelian approach of creating “world problems” to be solved by particular methods dictated by New World Order advocates).

Developments along this line, which might have taken decades to occur under normal circumstances especially in the under-developed parts of the world, would now be prioritized and effected within months. That indeed is the general character of end-times “civilization”, especially in those areas critical to the emergence of the antichrist. Just as the 9-11 bombings changed the face of security and privacy rights in the US and Europe, the same spiritual forces are ensuring that similar infrastructure are coming to Nigeria, en route other developing/under-developed countries.

The soon-to-be-revealed antichrist needs all these facilities and structures to establish his short-term totalitarian reign on earth following the rapture of the Church. These events are surely on us.

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