Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stepping up recruitments into lesbianism in Nigeria: it’s now “by force, by fire!”

In Vol 8 No 6 (2005), Church Arise! reported on the activities of some major NGOs in Nigeria, such as the Minna-based INCRESE, who boldly admit to luring girls into lesbianism with material trappings. INCRESE in particular organizes the Igonet, a periodic female-only sexual rumps at Abuja with the attendance of young girls from various campuses all over the country sponsored. This is their own little way, they claim, of facilitating “reproductive health” and sexual freedom in Nigeria!

However, such carrot-approach to increasing the number of lesbians in the country seems too slow in producing the critical number of homosexuals these shameless but vocal advocates of abominable immorality desire. Armed with their literally “sea-never-dry” fundings, these “change agents” are apparently now seeking help from campus cultists to further help speed up recruitments into their satan-inspired lifestyle.

Nigerians were shocked to read in national newspapers in July, of cultists who brutally forced female students to perform lesbian acts together. Lt Col Sagir Musa, Assistant Director, Public Relations of the 82 Division of the Nigerian Army, Enugu described the situation: “It was such a nasty , terrible, brutal situation where cultists captured female students and forced them to have sexual intercourse with themselves” The number of girls involved were not stated but as many as 20 cult members involved in the saga were paraded before pressmen before being handed over to the police. (see According to other reports, the girls were asked to pretend to be carrying out the acts willfully and the video recordings were made to give the impression of supposed lesbians enjoying their acts.

Unfortunately, cultists raping girls on campus is no longer news in Nigeria (with the filmed gang-rape at Abia State University – august 2011 – apparently the final straw provoking a national outrage). What many people could not understand is why cultists would subject innocent girls to brutal treatment just to get them to try out lesbianism? What exactly do the cultists stand to gain?

The answer might lie with another curious action of the cultists – why make potentially incriminating video recordings of the proceedings?
In trying to explain the situation, one NGO theorized: “Once the cultists succeed in forcing the girls to perform the acts, they know they have obtained an instrument that can be used to devastating effect. This is because Nigerian society strongly disapproves of homosexual relations… In such a society, where homosexuality is viewed not just as deviance but as extreme depravity, a video tape in which a girl is shown engaging in such a taboo “voluntarily”, instantly becomes a potent instrument for endless blackmail, emotional torment and monetary extortion.”

This line of thinking is clearly warped and far-fetched. Other simpler means would have worked even better if the end goal were just blackmail for monetary extortion. It is more likely the cultists were trying to stimulate homosexuality in these girls in the first instance. It is well established that homosexual assault is one of the commonest ways of getting people to eventually choose the gay lifestyle (see our previous article at The video recording would confirm that the cultists were commissioned for this assignment, and the videos would be proof that they had delivered on the assignment – and could collect the balance of their payment. Of course, the videos could also find further use in the multi-billion dollar global porn industry, especially for further recruitment purposes.

Incidentally, the line of reasoning advanced by the above-cited NGO is subtly suggesting that if only our society were less intolerant of homosexuality, incidents like these would be minimized. What a way of turning facts on their heads, characteristic of people who have become carried away by the several soap opera scripts they routinely write!

Mark our words: the shameless advocates of homosexuality in our society who have to write reports to the likes of Mr Bill Gates to justify the millions of dollars they routinely collect, and who are even at this present time pressurizing the National Assembly to legalize homosexual marriages, are not far behind this incident at Enugu.

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