Monday, August 8, 2011

Saudi Arabia operates official 'Anti-Witchcraft Unit'

Islam flagship country is in the throes of witchcraft! Witchcraft is so widespread in the Islamic holy land that the government has had to set up a special Anti-Witchcraft Unit to respond to the menace of occultic practices. The unit, established in May 2009, is charged with apprehending sorcerers and reversing the detrimental effects of their spells in the country. [Nigerians can imagine a kind of “EFCC” to deal with witchcraft and sorcery].

David Miller in a Media Line article (20th July) describes a typical activity of the anti-witchcraft unit:
“When the severed head of a wolf wrapped in women's lingerie turned up near the city of Tabouk in northern Saudi Arabia this week, authorities knew they had another case of witchcraft on their hands. … Agents of the country’s Anti-Witchcraft Unit were quickly dispatched and set about trying to break the spell that used the beast’s head. “

Sorcery carries the death penalty in Saudi Arabia. However the last official execution of a convicted sorcerer was in late 2007. When Fawza Falith, a Saudi woman, was condemned in 2008, intense appeal from international human right agencies caused her execution to be postponed. However she eventually died in prison, reportedly of ill health. The Anti-Witchcraft Unit operates under the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (CPV), Saudi Arabia's religious police.

The belief in sorcery is so widespread in Saudi Arabia, that it is even used as a defense in criminal court cases. Media Line reports that last October, a judge accused of receiving bribes in a real-estate project told a court in Madinah that he had been bewitched into doing so. He is said to be undergoing treatment by Quaranic incantations, known as ruqiyah, to restore him.

Media Line also reports that accusations of witchcraft are conveniently used to counter charges of sexual harassment when made by foreign domestic workers against their Saudi bosses. “They will often say that the [female] domestic worker bewitched the Saudi into falling in love with her.”

Three years ago, in August 2008, the corruption case against a former Chairman of the Niger Delta Development Commission made waves in Nigeria. The intriguing part of the story was that it was actually the accused who apparently reported himself to the police. The claim was along the line that a sorcerer the accused had been consulting had turned his spells on him compelling him to steal government funds. Up to N510 million out of the N800 million stolen money was handed over to the sorcerer! On his turn, the sorcerer claimed he had not done anything illegal! Part of the occultic rituals supposedly involved the burning of N270m cash at a cemetery.

But there is probably no land on earth as immersed in sorcery at the present time as Europe. Yonder, through the various Harry Porter movies (among other media), the whole land is reeking in sorcery - cast in the guise of harmless stories on guts, courage and loyalty. The prime targets are the children. For a review of the latest Harry Potter movie recently released, see

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