Monday, August 8, 2011

In the US, Invasive airport security procedures to be extended to hotels and shopping malls

With the seeming acceptance by the general populace of extensive body searches, (including body scanners that see beneath clothes), at US airports, that country’s Homeland Security has announced that the procedures will soon be extended to other locations. These locations include hotels, shopping malls, train terminals, etc where according to the government department, identical terror threats as at airports, now exist. It has been pointed out by several commentators that Israel which faces a more intense terror threat by more fanatical foes has not found it necessary to introduce such draconian measures, even at her airports, simply because of the use of basic intelligence features. The US is however petrified in its fear of being seen by the Moslem/Arab world as “profiling” their people. This pretended ultra- respect for Arab/Moslem sensibilities of course suits very well the purposes of the new age agents in the United States at the present time. It provides a perfect excuse to continually put in place measures that establish total control over the populace – in preparation for the coming global leader, the antichrist, who has absolute need for such measures. Meanwhile, a former Miss USA recently claimed she was fondled during body search at the airport, with her private part touched four times. But how do you prove that in a law court? (

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