Monday, August 8, 2011

Global control of food and drugs: SWAT team to the rescue in Detroit

Satan bastardizes good concepts and institutions. Just look at the mess he’s making of marriage and human sexuality.

Man-made institutions are even much more vulnerable. For instance, we have Nigeria’s National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control , NAFDAC currently doing a great job saving lives through the regulation of food and drugs. But the handwriting of things to come, as we approach the end of the age, is clear. All man-made institutions will be hijacked and compelled to serve the anti-christ’s purposes in his coming one-world government. As usual, early warning signals abound from the developed nations, and the rest of the world should be smart enough to learn on their onions.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration is wielding its enormous stick against natural products that have not gone through “big pharma” label, even when they have been in use for ages. The development actually started from the European Union which several years ago, came up with the “positive list” of natural remedies - vitamins, supplements, etc that could be traded. The express reason for this list is not necessarily anything pharmaceutical, but mainly to simplify trade in these products and facilitate their free movement across borders. All members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are liable to comply, and this is no longer news.

What is simply amazing is the extent and the zeal being put in by US authorities in recent times to regulate these products even within their country. (See, for some instances. In one hard-to-believe situation, armed officers from the Special Response Team (SRT) of the Detroit Police Office were invited by the Michigan State child Protective Services (CPS) to abduct a 13 year old girl, Arianne, from her black mother who had decided to stop using a prescribed psychotropic drug which clearly was worsening the girl’s condition. Another medical doctor had recommended that Maryanne Godboldo could stop the drug on account of the side-effects, but apparently her recourse to natural remedy was what could not be tolerated by the CPS. When she rebuffed the initial attempts of the CPS to take her daughter away to a psychiatric facility for the continued administration of the drug, Risperdal, the swat team was called in. Now the question is not which drug is the better one, but rather the freedom of a sane citizen to choose which medical treatments they want or don’t want! Read the incredible details about this story at For an update, indicating that two weeks after the event, Arianne is doing quite well even without taking the psychotropic drug, please see

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