Monday, August 8, 2011

Funding Apostasy: Methodist Bible College to use donation to grow other faiths

The Clarement School of Theology, a leading institution of the United Methodist in the USA is surging forward in its bid to start training imams and rabbis as we reported in Vol 14 No 1. The new agenda of the College to teach instructions and raise clergy for other religions apart from Christianity received a giant boost with a generous donation of $40 million from a California couple.

The school's president, Jerry Campbell, told the Los Angeles Times that the university is "looking for understanding, respect and the possibility of collaboration" with other religions. He noted that other religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism may be implemented in the future. The university also hopes to engage all religious groups in social issues, such as tackling poverty.

Not all Christian leaders think all this a good idea though. According to highly respected Rev. Lou Sheldon of The Traditional Values Coalition, "I just think it's foolishness. It's not going anywhere. We know where things are going. We know who has been given all authority and power in heaven and on earth. We know what the gospel is about.”

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