Friday, January 15, 2010

Re:Warning from Hell

We offer a few words on the alleged vision attributed to a respected elderly man of God (Prophet Obadare), that another respected minister (late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya), was seen in hell, specifically on account of the miniskirts and hairdo she wore while on earth and that she appealed that the elderly minister relay a message back to warn her people on earth.

Apart from the reported renunciation of the story by the now retired elderly minister from his base in the US (– see, ), it is categorically stated as a fact by those who should know that the lady minister never wore minis while on earth. According to her husband: “Met her at age 19. She passed on at age 45. She never wore a Mini skirt.” ( Others aver that she would not even condone it from her junior ministers. Furthermore, from the clear teaching of the Lord in Luke 16:27-31, the request by the rich man that warning message be taken from hell to warn his folks on earth was rejected on the grounds that those who do not heed the living Scriptures preached by living ministers could not be helped by messages of a minister sent back from the dead.

So, while it is the undeniable sobering fact that there will be surprises in heaven and hell in the after life, and that only the Lord Jesus should be our ultimate model and mentor, it is also true that the judgment belongs only to Him and Him alone. It is important that the Church does not allow herself to be unduly distracted or divided by issues that lack credibility, not only in the light of simple verifiable facts, but also on Scriptural grounds - as well as based on the fruit produced within the Body of Christ.

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