Monday, January 18, 2010

Forced Islamization via rape of Christian Girls Supported By Egyptian State

The Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) has reported a recent broadcast on the Christian TV channel “Live TV”, highlighting the phenomenon of abduction, rape and forced Islamization of Christian girls in Egypt. Featuring testimonies from dozens of actual victims, the shocking documentary was beamed to some 60 million Arab speaking viewers in Egypt and around the world in mid-November, 2009. According to the program’s moderator, Rasheed El Maghreby, "Our role is to expose those behind those crimes."
Apart from the victims and their families, also interviewed was Magdi Khalil, an authority on Coptic affairs who has made extensive field study on forced Islamization of Christian minors in Egypt. Mr Khalil showed that these heinous crimes are carried out by organized Islamization gangs with full government funding and backing by the State Security.
As is practiced in several other moslem nations Christian girls are deemed converted to Islam when abducted, raped and forced into marriage with moslem grooms. [In places where Moslems do not freely command coercive state apparatus, as in Southern part of Nigeria, abductions are seldom carried out, but it is highly encouraged that Christian girls be lured into marriage, explicitly for the conversion value.] Certainly a most despicable way of making religious converts!
In Egypt, apparently the situation is of epidemic proportion, as highlighted by the show on LiveTV. Coptic Pope Shenouda had raised the alarm during a lecture in 2004 that he was receiving thousands of letters of abduction of Christian girls through certain Islamic store chains which lure them away by telling them they had won a prize and have to go to an upper floor in the building to collect it.
Several international organizations have criticized Egypt regarding forced Islamization of young Christian girls, among which is the International Religious Freedom report from 2005 to 2009, the Helsinki Commission Report of November 9th, 2006, Human Rights Watch Report of November 12th, 2007, and on November 10th, 2009, Christian Solidarity International issued a report quoting 25 cases of forced Islamization of minors.
Apart from the Egyptian state, as shown on Live TV, funding for forced Islamization of girls also flows in from a financial network of dozens of companies, charities, and banks such as Bank of Islamic Solidarity, Faisal Islamic Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, and Islamic Relief Organization, as well as numerous companies created through money-laundering operations, and which are supervised by the Muslim Brotherhood. Apparently, the Islamist ladies and gentlemen behind this network have no compunction about doing evil so that “good” (as they deem it) might result – a position vehemently denounced in the Bible (see Rom. 3:8)

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