Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nigerians begin to see through World Government’s Obama

In several previous articles, we have clarified the point that while we were excited to see a hardfighting underdog, and a blackman for that matter, attain to the highest political office in the world – the US Presidency, we have to face the reality that the US presidency had long been compromised, and is only awarded to favoured candidates according to dictates of some cabals whose central agenda is world governance. The eventual success of this agenda is guaranteed by the fact that it is firmly in tandem with God’s own stated agenda - see Rev 17:17. []
Many Nigerians were however not convinced they should not celebrate more heartily the arrival of the time of the black man. Even if it is hinged on promotion of anti-family policies (abortion, homosexuality, etc), that is surely America’s problem! Nothing seems capable of dousing the excitement of the average Nigerian. Not even the ‘snub’ of Obama’s failing to make courtesy stops on his maiden African trip to his homecountry Kenya or Nigeria (the largest black nation on earth, and die-hard Obama fans); or his almost obscene pandering to the Arab-Moslem world, at the expense of Israel, most vividly exemplified by his literally prostrating for the Arabian sultanate (the repeat at Japan being merely an attempt to reduce the obvious association of this action with Islam). Not even the oddity of Obama’s being nominated for (and subsequently awarded) the Nobel Peace prize when he had barely spent two weeks in office. A prize awarded ahead of performance looks more like a bait! (see
However, many Nigerians could not help being out-raged, and consequently are becoming cured of their Obamania, with the recent classification by the Obama administration, of Nigeria as a country of concern in international terrorism, with the added implication that Nigerians would henceforth be subjected to special stringent checks at the airports before being allowed into US bound planes!
One only has to recall reports of shabby treatments meted to eminent Nigerians [including Bishops and laureates], even before this classification, to shiver, at what the new development would mean for the average Nigerian.
And why this classification? A young Nigerian who had spent most of his adult life outside Nigeria, had been influenced and recruited into Islamic terrorism from outside Nigeria, had been reported by his own father to the American Embassy (and the CIA) as having fallen into bad influence abroad and could constitute danger to American interests, had bought the ticket for his trip to America in Ghana where he had spent weeks and had only come to board his plane in Nigeria (spending less than half an hour in the country)…… well, such a fellow tried to blow an airplane, which he boarded in Amsterdam; and presto, ALL 150 million NIGERIANS are to be blamed for that!
Surely, the Obama administration could obviously not be that deficient in logical reasoning (sounds very much like the logic of moslems killing Christians in Northern Nigeria, because one man in faraway Holland , supposedly a Christian nation, drew some cartoon of the Islamic prophet!) Rather, it yells about some people desperately looking for some opportunity to further a long-desired agenda - the introduction of beefed up intrusive security searches, beginning from the airports. And what better scapegoat than a country without a sitting president at the moment? Only incurably westernized Nigerians can fail to see the low esteem the US has for her great African ally, Nigeria! Could Obama have made such a declaration for Indonesia, Egypt and other US allies even where these are clear hotbeds of Islamic terrorism? Not to talk of Britain, whose citizen Richard Reid (aka Abdul Raheem), was in 2001 involved in quite similar circumstances as Abdulmutallab. Why, the same Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki who apparently radicalized Farouk was also the same guy who commissioned U.S. Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the American-born Muslim who mowed down with automatic weapons 12 soldiers and one civilian (and wounding dozens of others) 7 weeks earlier, at Ft. Hood, Texas. How then should the US government classify all its citizens!
The story-line of American authorities failing to respond to clear prior warnings by Abdulmuttalab’s dad, and hitting back immediately with a sledge-hammer, smells very much like previous infamous American designs such as Pearl Harbour (1941) or the 9-11 (2001) attacks, where enemy action was allowed to scale through in order to justify a pre-determined course of action (“response”) by Uncle Sam.
For the purpose of clarity, we state that the no-longer hidden goal of world government cabals is to continue to use so-called global problems ( including terrorism, man-made global warming campaign, economic meltdown etc,) to impose on nations of the world obnoxious policies and practices designed to achieve total absolute monitoring and control of every individual on earth; and the strengthening of transnational agencies which will eventually lead to the formation of a one world government under a charismatic leader, who the Bible predicts will purvey values directly opposing those of the Lord Jesus Christ – wherefore that man is otherwise known as the antichrist

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