Monday, January 18, 2010

In Egypt, Christians mowed down by Muslims, right on Church lobby

At least six Christians, coming from a midnight Church service, were mowed down by machine gunfire by three
Moslem men who drove by and sprayed bullets into a crowd of churchgoers in the town of Nag Hamadi in Qena province of Egypt on Wednesday January 6, early in the new year. Nine other Christians were wounded, three of them critically.
This drive-by shooting was the climax of a series of intensive hostilities against Christians in the town following rumours that a churchgoing man had raped a Moslem girl in November. “Muslim residents of Nag Hamadi and neighboring villages rioted for five days in November and torched and damaged Christian properties in the area after the rape.” Bishop Kirollos of the Nag Hamadi Diocese told The Associated Press " This is a religious war about how they can finish off the
Christians in Egypt,"
When Christians gathered at the church the next day and tried to protest this latest outrage, they were met with the full fury of the police who freely used teargas and also fired shots into the air to confine the peaceful assembly within church grounds. Meanwhile, compare the irony of this story with the next, also from Egypt

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