Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stakes High as Planned Parenthood Launches Major Assault on Abortion Laws

The US Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is calling attention to two on-going crucial court cases- having to do with abortion- which “are almost certain to have a nation-shaping impact”.
The cases, one filed by Planned Parenthood (PP) in Arizona and the other, filed by the Center for Reproductive Rights at the federal level, are reactions by these professed female interests advocates to a new law passed in Arizona. The strongly worded law seeks to protect women, their preborn children as well as the legal interests of the medical personnel involved in abortion, by requiring, among other things:
* That women visit a doctor 24 hours prior to having the child removed to hear all the medical implications of the "procedure"
* That parents provide notarized consent for their minor children to have an abortion, or alternatively a judge can review the request
* That abortions be performed only by physicians, and not nurse practitioners, and
* That doctors, pharmacists, and other medical professionals be allowed follow their consciences and not be forced to participate in abortions or in the prescription and preparation of abortion-inducing drugs.
One would have thought that organizations that have long presented themselves as vanguards for women’s reproductive health will welcome such reasonable conditions accompanying the traumatic decision any woman might have to make to abort the budding new life she is carrying.
Not so! PP, rather contends that the regulations would impose an “undue burden” on women. Most reasonable unbiased people will not buy into that kind of lame argument. Apart from the clear interest that PP has in promoting sexual promiscuity for a number of reasons as highlighted in several past editions of CA!, the ADF has pointed out another major reason for the outrage being expressed by PP: money!
In requesting for the prayer of every Christian as its attorneys prosecute this landmark case, the ADF explains: “…after years of posing as the great defender of women's health, Planned Parenthood is now opposing laws that ensure strong medical care for pregnant women. Why? Because these laws will make a deep dent in the organization's income.”
This situation is akin to what the Yoruba people call the love you have for the chicken in your poultry business! For latest development on the case, visit:

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