Saturday, October 10, 2009

Martyrdom of Christians intensifies, even in modern times.

One of the clear marks of the end of time is the increasing intolerance Satan is displaying towards Christianity. Even when “tolerance” has become the mantra used by the devil to corrupt humanity, (see article on homosexuality above), demonic entities just could not hide their lust for seeing Christian blood flow.
In recent times, apart from the Boko Haram incidence in Northern Nigeria mentioned elsewhere in this edition, several gallons of Christian blood have been shed in recent weeks, in places ranging from Pakistan, to Somalia, Iraq, China and North Korea.
In Pakistan following rumours (announced over mosque loudspeakers), that a Koran had been defaced during a wedding at a Christian home, thousands of Moslems rose up to the occasion vandalizing Churches and Bibles in the town of Gojra. In the course of looting over 100 Christian houses, and burning half of them, at least eight precious innocent people were ”either burned or shot to death.” The Times of London (Aug 3) citing residents, reported that the casualties were much higher - in the dozens – as many bodies still remained under the rubble of collapsed buildings. []; while the New York Times reported that the incident lasted about eight hours and involved as many as 20,000 Moslem mob! Armed policemen stood aside, watching while their fellow Moslems unleashed terror in the small Christian colony. At the end of the day, it was confirmed that no Koran had actually been desecrated.

Meanwhile fellow Moslems continue to desecrate the Koran with impunity!

We had expressed before, our cynicism of the fervor which pious Moslems claim is generated in them to defend their holy book. In Vol 10 No 4, we cited the case in Sokoto, where in a feud between two warring Moslem factions, the first objects that were seized and destroyed were the opponents’ Koran!
In a more recent situation (late August), while innocent Christians were being burnt in their own homes by Islamic zealots on rumour of desecration of Koran in Pakistan, some pious Moslems were actually using their Korans to smuggle heroins in Jarkata, Indonesia! You bet, Moslems only see this as a simple case of attempted smuggling. No question of Koran defilement!

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