Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pastor Adeboye leads prayers at the UN

The recent 64th General Assembly of the United Nations was significant for Nigeria not only in the conspicuous absence of the Nigerian President (who was attending the opening of a University in Saudi Arabia, where he was reportedly not listed as a guest – suggesting there are other factors for his absence at the UN); but also in its featuring of a Nigerian pastor to lead the pre-Summit prayers. Leading ambassadors and representatives of more than 68 nations in the prayers organized by the UN International Prayer Council at the UN headquarters in New York on Thursday Sept 10 was Pastor E.A Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God.
Of course, it requires nothing short of the wisdom and courage of a Daniel to speak the gospel truth to a body so obviously committed to World Governance and a global (see-no-evil) religion, under the guise of “good works” and “tolerance”. Many a pastor, notably US Rick Warren (aka the UN Pastor), have fallen prey to the glamour and pressure for “diplomatic civility”, instigated by the UN, eventually leading them to compromise the Christian message. This serious issue has been addressed in several past editions of Church Arise!
Thank God for the man of God from Nigeria. According to news reports (see for example,, Pastor Adeboye first gently re-directed the emphasis of the meeting, tagged "Uniting in prayer for the United Nations," and advertised as “open to all Christians and Moslems at the UN”, from an innocuous inter-faith affair to a clear Christian tone.
In his presentations as the keynote speaker at the event, Pastor Adeboye told the gathering that "the greatest problem the world is facing today is not the one we are trying to grapple with here. It is the attack on our youths, our children, our tomorrow, while we are busy planning strategy." According to Pastor Adeboye, the fire on the roof of all nations at the moment is the Internet, through which the enemy is quietly luring children and youths into pornography, terrorism and similar dangerous endeavours. In his words, by teaching youths that the value system of their parents is unduly restrictive, “the Internet … has become an avenue for the enemy to attack humanity. This is a problem facing every nation, rich or poor, first world or third world." The big challenge then, according to Pastor Adeboye is: "How do you fight an enemy you cannot see, an enemy you cannot defeat by force of arms, an enemy you cannot legislate against, an enemy you cannot fight with diplomacy?”
Having thus prepared the grounds, Pastor Adeboye brought in the gospel message: the situation is not hopeless, but there is only one hope. In his words: "It is best to use the age-old method of warfare by calling in on the ally. The greatest Ally is the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of hosts."
Very well put. More grace to you sir, in Jesus name!

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Daddy G.O as Pastor Adeboye is called by RCCG members is a man to look up to as a model for any government, church and family. God continually be with you and all that you stand for Sir.