Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Display That Watches You

Researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS), Germany have created a display that doubles as a camera. By interlacing photodetector cells--similar to those used to capture light in a camera--with display pixels, the researchers have built a system that can display a moving image while also detecting movement directly in front of it. One immediate application is that a user could flip through menu options on a screen simply by looking at the right part of the screen. MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW (June 5, 2009) . Other less benign applications are certainly possible!
We have described before some devices that could allow people activate menu options simply with their minds, but those require that a chip be first implanted in the user. Such applications confirm the interaction between human mind and an implanted chip and have direct implication for mind control.
Meanwhile in Wales, children on buses will now be tracked by satellite on public transport. The scheme includes 'Bus Angels', aged 14 and above, who covertly report incidents of bad behaviour. LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH [Barclay] - April 23, 2009

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